Monday, April 23, 2012

Light Airy Necklace...

 My blogging friend, Elle, is the inspiration for this project.  Go read her blog for more fun and folly...elle in da coop.    See what she is up to each week.  She showed a version of this necklace in greens and it intrigued me enough to email her and ask about it.  You can see in this photo it only takes some yarn such as Railroad or Trellis that has an interesting texture to it.  A large crochet hook...I used an N.  That is about all that is needed.
Here is the finished necklace.  The photo is shadowy due to my not knowing how to undo a special effect I decided I didn't like after I had saved it.  The back of the necklace is finished with ribbon end closures and a magnetic clasp.  Super easy and super fast.  This is a project that doesn't get any easier or faster to complete.  I can see these being made and given as Mother's Day gifts or birthday gifts or just because gifts. I already have some other color combinations to try.
Thank you Elle for this wonderful inspiration and sharing the how-to with me.
Our weather continues to be lovely and very Spring sunny.  Mr. C and I did a fair bit of yard work this past weekend.  I won't lament about all that still needs attention and doing.  I find I get easily overwhelmed if I look at the big picture.  However if I merely begin a tiny little patch and pull weeds and move along then after a few hours I have accomplished quite a bit more than I realized.  I really fool myself.  Bahahaha...
For those of you with snow storms hitting I pray for your safety.
Here's to a week of wonderful accomplishments...


  1. Thanks, Sherry! You did a super job. Aren't these just so cute! Yours looks fuller some how. Just lovely!

  2. Hey Sherry. What a cute idea. I love the colors you used on this one.
    After a full week of not pulling weeds I too get overwhelmed with how quickly they grow. I do try to finish all in one day. I am impulsive and compulsive that way. I can't stop until I know that it is done.
    Our weather this weekend was wet and very windy. We woke up to 66 degrees which is like freezing for us here in Miami,FL the sunshine state. We are used to 100 degree weather. They say tomorrow is going to be colder. Thankfully I do not have to leave the house.
    Hope you are feeling better.

  3. Beautiful, Sherry! I bet you're going to get LOTS of compliments when you wear it! Thanks for sharing your project. It's always fun to see what others are creating.

  4. Sherry, this is so beautiful!!! I love that it's so lightweight too! Such a wonderful idea...I could so see one created in tans and creams too, just gorgeous! hugs and love, Dawn

  5. What an intriguing necklace.
    The way you look at your garden chores is very practical. Start small and see what happens. Like life really.I've never learned to crochet, but am going to learn.Have to make a crochet rug for my Very Old Age!!hehe!!

  6. Very nice, Sherry! i can see this becoming a favourite design. It creates a nice, full, look with out the weight.
    I hope your sunshine continues: it's snowing here......sigh....c'mon spring!

  7. That necklace is gorgeous! Easy, are you kidding me, I could never do that!
    Glad your having good weather, we are too! Snow, can you believe that!


  8. Your necklace looks great! My mother crocheted a lot, but I've never learned how.
    Glad you're having good weather! We are too, though some might not agree! We had quite a bit of badly-needed rain over the weekend and now some wonderful COOL air, even breezy! I know it won't last so I am enjoying it while we have it :)
    xoxo Jane

  9. I am loving the necklace and the colors you chose. I too worked in the garden weeding for 2 days. By the third day I could hardly get out of bed so I painted in the studio . I need to learn how you did that necklace, I would love to try,

  10. I have been seeing these necklaces around and I wondered how they were made. The yarn gives them almost a beaded look. Thanks for sharing with us!

  11. That's beautiful and certainly fun!

  12. I have never heard of this before! Pretty! I like your colors. How are you feeling?? Any better, Sherry?

  13. You clever thing SSD, you can put your hand to anything! The necklace looks lovely.

    Take care and carry on creating!

    Sherry xx

  14. First, how are you feeling? I got your comment, so when you can shoot me an email!! I'm thinking of you!!

    Second, that is AMAZING! You are a genius with yarn!!My husband brought me home the stuff they tie up trim with. he is in construction. Anyway, he brought it home because it is so pretty, and it has a look, thinner, but a look sort of like this! Weird, right? i will photograph it soon!
    Feel great!!

  15. Beautiful - you used the perfect yarn, too...looks like you've woven ribbon through delicate chain! BRAVO!

  16. This is such a beautiful creation and I love the fact that it is so light to wear!


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