Sunday, April 8, 2012

What To Tackle This Week???

I think I have shared before about my Fosters Chickens.  Here you can see one of them.  She has her nose stuck into a bag of unfinished business.  These Foster Girls are always getting into something and I am never quite sure how they move around but they certainly do.  They have a front row view to the great outdoors while sitting on my sewing room corner window seat.  They have told me how comfortable it is and how much they like it.  I must take their word as I have not gotten to sit and enjoy it myself.  We might have to rearrange some things very soon.
Well I think I am getting the message of finishing some projects that have been hanging around far too long.  I will share the details at a later date...please read, when I finish.
Why is it always more fun to begin new projects than to finish old projects?  I certainly like finished projects.
This week I shall be finishing some already begun projects before I shall begin any new ones.
I know the Fosters Girls will be keeping me on my best behavior.  Ohhh...I do hope they don't figure out how to write blog posts.  They would surely do a tell all and I am not certain how I would like that.  They have far too much blackmail on me as it is.  After all they have lived with my since about 2005 or so.  They must have all kinds of fodder to share.  Good thing my computer is not within their wing-span reach.
Happy productive week to all.  The weather report says we are in for another rainy and possibly snowy week.
May we all finish more projects than we begin...


  1. Oh, Sherry. Isn't this true. We do begin projects and then put them aside. I am pretty good about completing what I start. I may put one aside for a couple of days and if I see I am not into completing it, I usually throw it away. My OCD kicks in and I can't stand the mess. LOL.
    I hope your week is productive and you do not disappoint yourself in not tackling the unfinished business.

  2. I have stitching projects, quilts, paitings and garments that lay unfinished for longer than your chickens. People might think we're OCD if we finished everything we started, don't you think??? Laurel

  3. They are a hoot, Sherry. I'm jealous! lol I got my dishes to the thrift shop, some yard work done and now I'm tweaking the playroom. Here is to a creative week!

  4. That chicken with her nose in the bag is lol funny. I love the creations you have here. I get ideas here when I come and visit! yes I agree, that what ever Kimberly Laws makes is quite special indeed!

  5. I crocheted on our trip to Dubai going and coming, but since back to school yesterday I just can't decide what to do and by the time I think I might start something, it's time to go to bed. :/ Wishing you a productive new week. Tammy

  6. Oh Sherry, I have a list of things to finish before the Fancy Flea....I'm on a full out push to get it all done! You're getting rain and it appears we are going into a drought here in Florida. I know you will finish some things this week, It's such an accomplished feeling to get it all done! Just be sure to enjoy the process!


  7. Stay warm and cozy, and have fun!

  8. Glad to hear someone else likes to start new things more than finish others...that's SO me, too! I sure wish we could have some of your cooler weather. Can't wait to see your new projects, happy art/craftin'!


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