Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Finishing ATCs...

Here are my supplies for the "April in Paris" ATC swap I am participating in this month over at ArtJoyStuff with Kimberly. Last month I did the "Celebrate Spring" and was ever so pleased with the swap results.  Thank you again Kim for managing all of this.
I thought this would be a wonderful week of completing unfinished projects however as my favorite quote says, "Life is what happens while you are busy making plans"...by John Lennon.  This week is rapidly shortening and my projects are not getting completed.  In fact I have had to start some new projects that I didn't intend on starting right now.  Flexible!  That is what I try to be.  I am still not feeling 100% since I got ill last week.  I am hoping it was just the flu and will be long gone very soon.  My energy level is not what it normally is.
Mr. C will be having his birthday Thursday  so I have been doing some extra special meals for him that take lots of attention and time (read...away from being crafty creative.).  I also baked him a cake because he really likes cake for his birthday and you do understand as we age we must celebrate and enjoy for many days...not just one.  So chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and covered in chocolate chips is what we have been eating every day.  My weigh in this week will be out-of-control but at least I know this too shall pass.
Happy week to all and I trust all your chocolate bunnies and jelly beans and deviled eggs are completely eaten.
Happy Spring and Birds Who Sing and lots of Creative Bliss...


  1. Dear Sherry, that looks wonderful, I`m sure your tags will be very Parisian with those elements.
    Congratulations with your husbond,dear- And well wishes for you, you will soon be all on top again.

  2. I loved doing the spring ATC swap! I'm altering a shadow box now to display them in. Hope it works.
    Can't wait to see your April ones.
    Have a great week!

  3. Oh, Sherry. You are a busy bee. I don't know how people do it sometimes. I am a stay at home wife since the kids are off at college and sometimes I don't have time for me. Between the cleaning of the house, the yard work, the dog and my husband I sometime don't have the time to create. This is why I stay up late almost eery night, 2 or 3 am., and then get up at 5am with my husband to make him breakfast before he goes to work.
    Happy Birthday to Mr C. and may he celebrate many more. Your chocolate cake sounds yummy.
    Have fun creating the ATC's.

  4. Flexible...ah yes. I still haven't gotten up the courage to make real ATC's...someday, when I am flexible enough! Happy birthday to Mr. C.

  5. Hi, Sherry! Just emailed you to thank you for sweet Mr. Bunny, & now I find you here with a new post! Sorry that you've been ill - hope you're all well very soon! Happy Birthday to Mr. C! The cake sounds delicious! Love your Paris ATC elements - better get to work on mine! xoxo Jane

  6. Hi Sherry. I can't wait to see everyone's ATCs. I have made four so far. I haven't painted or drawn in years, so it's been a challenge. BUT SUCH FUN!!! I even wrote about the mess I'm creating while creating! Have a great day!!! Laurel

  7. Sherry I hope you are all better soon, and your usual energy comes flooding back. Mr. C's birthday cake sounds scrumptious, and I do hope he has a wonderful Birthday!
    I know your ATC's will be beautiful and very ooh la la!
    Take care....

  8. can't wait to see what you make with your Paris elements! Happy b-day to Mr.C too :)

  9. So sorry to hear you're under the weather at the moment SSD, hope you get well really soon x

    Your supplies look interesting for your ATC swap - look forward to seeing them finished.

    Happy birthday to Mr C for tomorrow - hope he enjoys the cake - it sounds delicious!!!

  10. it's the every day things that make up life. Happy Birthday to Mr. C and may Mrs. C. be blessed also.

  11. Sherry, that just happens to be one of my favorite quotes too, and oh so true!!!! I'd love to play in the atc swap if I can find the time.
    hugs Lynn


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