Friday, April 20, 2012

Spring Glorious Spring...

 We are honestly having Spring.  Most years it gets lost in Winter/Summer.  This week we have had glorious weather and the plants are showing their new growth.  I decided I better get outside and do some hands and knees clean up.  Our winters are very harsh and the snow and freezing temperatures really devastate most plants.  If they survive it is only after regrowing from the ground up for the most part.  Here are some purple pansy plants I put in last Fall.  I am truly amazed to see their happy cheerful faces coming back out.  Not all survived.  The other side has zero surviving pansy plants.  There is no rhyme or reason so I just accept whatever I get.
 Here is the newest Hosta we put in last Fall.  It looks like it will be just perfect.  I have 5 of my 6 Hostas that have survived.  The one that didn't make it was very sad and small last year so I am not surprised.  This will be the first time we have planted them in the newly protected deer fenced backyard.  I had planted an entire array of them up front in the shade and the deer ate them completely gone each year.  Very disappointing in the past.  This looks very promising.
Here are the Saucer Magnolia trees.  We have three dwarf trees that are almost 70 years old.  We  bought them in Southern California and transplanted them here when we moved in.  These are commonly called Tulip trees for the blossoms.  Such a beautiful shade of pink and purple.  The green leaves are beginning to unfurl at this time also.
 Here is a close up of the Magnolia blossoms aka Tulips.  I am especially enjoying them this year with the glorious sunshine we are having this week.
 My beloved hydrangea Mr. C got for me and planted last Fall.  I was very sad when it died down to the ground and looked completely dead.  New growth and I have hope for a big beautiful plant.  It is the species that should bloom blue.  Keeping my fingers crossed on this one.
Here is our work in progress.  I have de-weeded and cleaned up the entire area.  Next Mr. C will re-set all the drip lines for watering.  In the meantime I really don't mind hand-watering...actually I love to hand-water as I find it to be so peaceful and I feel closer to nature while tending to my special beautiful plants.
As a side note:  Mr. C has proclaimed me a genuine HOARDER.  Now this is not only for my vast supply of crafting and fabric stash but for the fact that I have not passed the Rock of Gibraltar as of yet.  He says, "You can't get rid of anything can you?"  Very funny honey.  I would gladly pass this if I knew how.  I went to a specialist and am taking a new med for it.  I will see him again next week for further possibilities. Meanwhile I am to stay busy and do as much normal activity as possible with the pain I am having.  Joyful!
I haven't had any energy or creative muse but I did enjoy working in the yard.  At least I accomplished that much.
Thank you to each of you for your well wishes and concern.  I truly appreciate you more than you know.
Glorious Spring to all...and Fall to those of you in that part of the world.


  1. Oh, my, still "hoarding"?! Hope the specialist can help!!!

    Well, I'm very interested in your plants & flowers. We call your "tulip tree" Japanese Magnolias here. They bloomed ages ago! Here they call Poplars 'Tulip' trees, at least the Tulip Poplars :)

    Won't be long before the 'real' magnolias bloom. Our Spring flowers seem so long ago now, but this year has been very odd with everything blooming at crazy times.

    Hope your Hydrangea flourishes - love them! They used to bury an old 'tin' can under them to make them have blue flowers, or a piece of copper for pink. I love the dried blossoms too!

    Happy Weekend! Jane

  2. Good Evening Sweetie...
    Oh what a beautiful garden area you have. I have always wanted a magnolia tree, but that wouldn't grow here in the Phoenix desert, so I can enjoy yours. Please post more pics as they come into their glory.

    I love seeing your hostas peeking up. I actually planted a couple of bulbs (hostas) in a pot, and they have started to peek up as well. Here in Phoenix, I put alot of my plants in pots, so that I can move them as the heat comes upon us. I was so darn tickled.

    I can't wait to see the hydrangea bloom come onto your plant. She looks so happy and green. Just gorgeous dear friend.

    Thank you for taking me walking amongst the gardens there. We are so hot here already. 93 degrees still at almost 9pm. Have a glorious weekend. Many hugs and much love, Sherry

  3. Now that must be frustrating. The stone, the deer, the disappearing plants. But those lovely spring blossoms. Gorgeous! Take care, Sherry

  4. Looks like a lovely spring in your garden. Yours is ahead of mine as my daffs just began blooming this week, and my hostas are but dead stems in the ground. Right now it's snaining (snow and rain mix) sigh.
    Your magnolia blossoms are gorgeous: it's too cold here to grow them, so I shall enjoy seeing yours all the more so.
    Do take care, Sherry. I'm hoping your stone passes soon. Hugs

  5. Happy Spring, finally...I LOVE Hostas - my folks can grow them in Denver, but I have no luck with them in Vegas, sadly. Hope you're feeling better with each day, and the Rock of Gibraltar is gone SOON! Happy weekend - Tanya

  6. Hi Sherry, Isn't it awesome to see the green leafs pop up out of the ground knowing spring has sprung?
    My saucer magnolia's looked just like yours at the start. Now they have lots of green leafy branches and the flowers a pretty pink and white.
    I also love hostas, but had no luck with them in the past. I would like to try again in another spot this year. I think it is too hot here so very shaded may be the answer for them in Texas.

    Happy Spring and have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  7. Hi Sherry! I have been thinking about you! Yes, your Mr. C is quite the my husband, huh?! Maybe you should listen to more Rock music and dance, dance, dance! I really do remember drinking a quart of cranberry juice one night, to pass an arrowhead one. Ugh. Wishing you painless success... On a happier note, your garden is exquisite! You and I love the same kinds of plants. I adore blue hydrangeas...does it take sulfur for the ph to keep them blue? I have never had a magnolia tree/tulip tree, but they are gorgeous. Here in WNY, a friend has some, but right after the early warmth here, it froze and damaged them all... Enjoy your pansies! I love their simple beauty and all of their colors. I'm glad you had some that survived, to enjoy this spring!!

  8. Hi Sherry, very sorry to hear you haven't passed your Rock of Gibralter yet and are still in pain. Definitely hope the new medication will do the job. Thank you for the pics of all your plants and I'm glad they are cheering you up. The Saucer Magnolias look wonderful!!

  9. I have a black thumb so I love looking at other people's gardening projects...that hosta looks cool and the magnolias, wow, I can't wait to see those when they're really blooming!

  10. I cannot believe Mr C said that you were a hoarder. Where could he have possibly gotten that idea from?

    Your magnolias are gorgeous. I have told my husband to buy one but we have not purchased one yet. Soon I am hoping. But we only have the huge white flowered ones here in Miami. Yours are gorgeous.
    Watering plants are really relaxing. I find myself outside in the yard whenever I just want sometime to relax.
    Take care of your self and hope you pass the rock soon.
    We have been having horrible raining weather here in Miami for the past 2 days and seems like it will continue. They also said a cold front is heading this way. Go figure in the end of April.
    TFS. ANA

  11. I'm glad that you got outside to enjoy your lovely garden plantings. Your magnolia blossoms are so beautiful and inspiring...I see them as little tea cups, waiting to be filled with rain droplets.

  12. LOl at Mr C's comment! I'm glad he's making you laugh about it anyway. You've certainly been keeping busy with all that weeding and preparation. It's so lovely to see new signs of life emerging at this time of year. Your tulip Magnolia bush looks beautiful I must say. We tried to grow the star white variety once, but it didn't take.

    Take care, keep busy and we'll all hope for the best about the 'passing'! xx

  13. I sure hope your snow has finished for the season now that everything is starting to bloom. I hear that PA is getting snow after having 80 degree temps of late. So crazy! I sure hope you are feeling better. My BIL has been in the hospital a couple of times for kidney stones. I hear they are really, really painful. Stay hydrated for sure. Wishing you all the best. Tammy

  14. Don't you love seeing the spring growth...well, except the the 'tulip' tree!!


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