Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hello.  How is April almost over all ready?!!  Our Farmer's Wife Quilt Along is continuing and for April we have the option of making 21 blocks.  Well I have gotten a very late start to making my blocks.  This top photo is #12 Broken Sugar Bowl.  I am finding that quilting little pieces of fabric is just like putting together a puzzle.  Unfortunately I have NEVER liked or been good at doing puzzles.  I am however enjoying this piecing together of my beautiful fabrics.  
 This is #20 Churn Dash.  This one makes me extra happy because my focal floral and blues are featured.  So I have completed 2 of the 21 blocks.  I will be making a few more but certainly not all of them.  I am making a wall hanging and do not need as many blocks as I would for a bedding quilt.  For both of these completed blocks I did not have all of the Marti Michell (MM) plastic cutting templates and needed to improvise.  I can really tell the difference in accuracy.
This is one of the blocks I would like to make however as you can see I will have to use several of the paper templates.  I was rather unhappy with my local store because I had ordered the MM template sets from them so I would be shopping local which is very important to our little community.  However, when I went in to pick them up at the agreed timing there were no templates for me to buy.  This has happened to me before exactly the same thing with them.  They forgot to order them.  The first time I was patient and waited for a few more weeks.  This time I was very sad and talked with them about this.  I left my name and phone number so a resolve could be completed and they would call me.  Never got a phone call and over a month has passed.  This is not the way to do business...especially in a small community.  Even worse I missed buying them online from MM with her generous BOGO 1/2 off offer because I was trying to "shop local"!  Now I am really unhappy because I have no templates I need and will have to pay full price which is hard to do on my limited budget.  I am only going to hope I will get another offer from MM and I will definitely buy them online.  Sew much for trying to be helpful to our economy in rural America.
Thank you for letting me get that out in the open.
Our weather the past two days has been very rainy.  The rain is refreshing and all the new Spring growth is probably very happy.
I see by reading my favorite blogs that there is a lot of creativity and cleverness happening all over.  I am seeing wonderful hand made things and I am inspired everyday.  Thank you all for Creative Bliss...


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that you didn't get your order through your local store! I would've thought they'd have expedited the order even if it meant a loss for them, just to keep your goodwill and continued patronage. That's what I would've done for sure!!! (At least from my point of view - I have no way of knowing if they have any troubles, etc.) Anyway, like you, I've been trying very hard to "shop locally" for the past few years - and will continue. Of course, since I'm trying to get rid of things/downsize, I'm also trying not to shop much at all :)

    Your quilt/wall hanging is going to look just lovely!

  2. It never surprises me how people run their businesses. I was always so surprised when I did sales and returned a call and the customer thanked me for returning the call....What! The same think happens when people email about my blog or online store, they are so surprised I responded. Well, I got that off my chest too! LOL I am so excited that you have hung with quilting, it sounds like you have found something you really enjoy


  3. Speaking of chests... lol I'm beginning to turn to the internet myself. Spending time and gas money and coming home empty handed isn't much fun. That said, your blocks are lovely. Churn Dash is a favorite!

  4. Hey Sherry. I hate when that happens. Then stores complain about not selling, but how can they when the customer service is horrible. Glad to know that you are still quilting. I always said that if I ever took a sewing class I would make a quilt like the one in the movie Step-Mom, the one at the end that has pictures on it. I love it and I know that one day before I die I will have it.
    Hope MM offers a discount price for you soon.
    Our weather has been beautiful. Cold in the morning and sunny in the afternoons.

  5. Pretty poor customer service if ya ask me. We had a retail business and I did anything it took to take care of my clientele. If ya do...they return and bring friends!

    I sure hope ya get the price you need to make it work sweetie!

    Have yourself a perfectly blessed day!!! :o)

  6. You have more patience than I, and I hope things work out with your templates. Happy stitching.

  7. This is no way of doing business. Small shops complain about the losses they suffer from the internet trade. They seem not to understand they have to offer something internet doesn't offer.

  8. I must say, that is not a very good business practice. Even in the work I do at school, when people get an immediate response -- whether it be, I will see what I can do, or I answer their question immediately, it is a positive thing. I cannot understand the concept of not following through right away. However, when it comes to quilting, I must say, I love the primitive look, the handmade, handstitched look of things is so much more beautiful than precision so you can just do your thing of your own accord and it will be absolutely fantastic. What do you need them for? Handmade is heartmade. Happy hands, happy heart. Blessings, Tammy

  9. Hi Sherry, Sorry, I must have missed this post earlier this week...I'm sorry your local sop messed up again. If they do it twice, that's usually a deal-breaker...? I hate that. I hope you are feeling better. I know you have been busy cleaning up your gardens and being very active, as the doctor wanted, but I think about you and worry, too. You are an inspiration. Hugs, kath

  10. How much fun! I am really partial to the Churn Dash, but they are all pretty wonderful. It's so frustrating to want to begin a project like that and have someone drop the ball on something you desperately need - hopefully you get to sewing soon! Happy Monday - Tanya

  11. thank you for always being such a great cheerleader of all my endeavors along with the Fancy Flea, and your always kind comments!


  12. That really is upsetting and annoying. You are trying to do a good thing and buy local and they are obviously ungrateful and don't "need" your business I guess. Stinks.
    But your quilting will be amazing anyway! Looking good!!

  13. Oh how annoying that your local shop let you down like that SSD - I hope you get the templates evenutally at a good price.

    Those two blocks look great, you're getting really good at this quilting lark!

    Oh, don't mention rain, we've had so much since before Easter - but apparently our drought has got worse - go figure!! Today though we did have some lovely sunshine and we even managed to do a little tidying up in the garden .... it felt like Spring - yay!!

    Hope you have a good and creative week xx

  14. Your churn dash block looks great - you'll have a beautiful wall-hanging Sherry, there's no doubt!
    It's too bad you were given such poor service at your local shop. Businesses often complain about people not buying locally but they need to remember there are two sides to the equation. Good for you for trying though!
    I keep hoping and praying I will come here and see that you are on the mend - I hope this doesn't go on for much longer my dear... thinking of you

  15. Hi Sherry:
    Your blocks are beautiful! I love the fabrics you chose, girlfriend!

    I'm sorry that your LQS order didn't work out. I, too, hope that you get another shot at a discount to purchase your MM templates. I love mine and they are really handy.

    I'm going to try to do the paper piecing templates this week, too. That might be another option for you to try.

    Hugs from FL,

  16. poor customer service makes me cringe. The doll is lovely ,I look forward to your quilting posts. xo


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