Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Free PJ Tools...

I am not normally anxious to enter give-aways...especially really popular ones that get hundreds of comments.  However, for this one I am making an exception.  Miss Lori of Pretty Things blog is having a most generous give offered by PJ Tools.  Be sure to visit and see the copper heart earrings she created.  Because I like to make jewelry and charm pieces and general creative things I know I would really utilize these lettering tools and this fabulous little hammer.  So I admit to posting this so I might have a very slim chance of being selected to receive these tools.  I also admit to having my fingers crossed.  
Thank you for indulging my obsession with crafting tools.  One must have the right tools to do the job!  That is what Mr. C always says every time he purchases a new tool for anything car or engine related.  
Today has been a very wet one with lots of rain and dreary skies.  The deer came through munching everything green.  We had a bumper crop today...3 mamas and 4 little deer all traveling along our delicious landscaped buffet.  
Constant Creating is what I am trying to do today...  


  1. They didn't get the roses did they?
    Girls need tools also!

  2. Hehe.."lanscape buffet"!!!Those naughty deer!Oh yes..those tools.Gotta have the Right Tool for the job. I actually like hardware shops.Even though I'm not that "handy".Happy Creating to you!

  3. what a cool tool. I hope you win.
    I normally do not enter giveaways but just leave a comment as a courtesy, but just won a giveaway. The poor lady had to email me so that I could know that I won. LOL.
    Good luck. And hope those deer stay off your buffet.
    TfS. ANA

  4. Oh I hope you win!
    What a fab prize. I have just begun to do the metal stamping myself. It is fun too! So soldering and stamping, it all makes for many creative possibilities.

  5. Boy, do I love hand tools! Especially hammers! Hope you win - fingers crossed...


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