Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lusted After Handmade...

 I admit I have lusted for material things.  I know I am weak however when it comes to something so beautiful and made by the hands of an extremely talented artist I am not ashamed to want.  I fell in love with Vicki's hand knit nests at least two years ago.  Please visit her blog to see much more.  She also travels to beautiful locations and then shares her photos with us.  You won't be disappointed.
As for her hand knit nests I really wanted one.  So I finally got up the courage to obtain one and missed the limited quantity opportunity.  So I emailed Vicki and got on her waiting list.  Alas my package arrived.  It was wrapped so beautifully with hand stamped nests on tissue and the gorgeous tag along with Vicki's Moo card attached.
 This is my gorgeous woodland nest.  You can only appreciate it in person as my photo does not begin to show the colors and yarns and work that Vicki puts into this unique creation.  Mr. C had been grumbling (about my needing more stuff) before he saw it and when it arrived...he completely changed his tune!  He was quite impressed and intrigued and immediately began reciting the types of yarns he saw.  He knows the yarns because he accompanied me on many travel quests for specialty yarns I put into my boas.  He also paid for those exotic yarns and therefore appreciates how costly yarns can be.
I placed my coveted nest on a pedestal so the yarns could properly fall around the nest.  It is truly amazing and I am entranced. Thank you so much Vicki for making me this beautiful and amazing piece of art.  
I have displayed it in my entry for all to see. It is accompanied by a wonderful tray of natural pieces and some of my favorite things such as beach glass, rocks and a real bird nest I found in my yard.
Somehow I am at peace now that I have my little nest close to me.
Yesterday we had more rain and snow all day.  Today I see blue sky and some sunshine and how beautiful it looks.  For outdoor activities it is far too cold for me so that is my reason for not being outside pulling weeds in the muddy slime.  I was able to spend time yesterday cleaning and organizing my studio.  Where do all the piles of stuff come from that end up on my worktable and floor?!?!?!  Today I am hoping to do some putting away and organizing in my sewing room.  I think some of the studio piles migrated into the sewing room!
Serene Sunday and wonderful week ahead to all...


  1. Sherry-- I had no idea where this post was heading-- imagine my surprise!! Lol!

    Your nest looks so beautiful displayed in your foyer. I am humbled that your husband is impressed and appreciates the variety of yarns that the nest is made from. You tell him thank you from me!

    I'm almost done with my winter nesting- I've been at it since last November- only 5 more to go-- almost ready for the Happy Dance!! People like you- make all my hard work seem worthwhile-- I'm the one who should say thank you!

    Much love and gratitude-

  2. Serene Sunday to you, too! Your handmade nest certainly is a treasure. Beautiful. (I am secretly happy to hear that you have piles on the floor... I can never imagine where mine come from either!!) PS so cute to hear how Mr. C likes and appreciates your nest... Sweet.

  3. That is one gorgeous piece. I love it and the way you have displayed on a pedestal is gorgeous. All the falling trims look so pretty.
    Have a beautiful sunday. Have fun in your play area organizing. I am doing the same with my trims and laces.
    TFS. ANA

  4. Your beautiful new nest is the perfect springtime decoration! Enjoy!

  5. Sherry,dear-
    I have one myself, and LOVE it-they are truly fantastic, and very beautiful-I love you put yours on a pedestal.
    Hope you are well.

  6. I too am the proud owner of one of these nests! I had trouble photographing mine too....the nests are so beautiful, their beauty is hard to capture in a photo. I like how you have it displayed on the pedestal.

  7. very pretty piece of art. Enjoy it always.

  8. WOW Sherry, that is one beautiful piece of art. I'm heading over to Vicki's blog to see her other work. I love how you displayed you nest. So funny Mr. C knew the yarns by name, thats a good hubby.

  9. Oh my gosh! These nests are beautiful!

    Thanks for leaving the nice comment on my post about the nest on my front door. I always think of any nest as a work of art!

  10. WOW! This is so beautiful and looks so good perched up on pedestal!

  11. The nest on the pedestal shows it off beautifully. No advice for piles of stuff. Mine comes and goes with its own issues. Happy April, Sherry!

  12. WOW that nest is incredible. Love it on the pedestal.
    So wish I knew how to knit and crochet. Perhaps in another lifetime :0)
    hugs Lynn

  13. That is a gorgeous nest! If you left that outside, it might become material in a real nest. Makes me want to lay out yarn for the birds to use and then hopefully find it again someday!
    Enjoy the sun while it lasts!

  14. Wow!...that is such a beautiful and quite unique handcrafted nest. I've never seen anything like it. Just beautiful!

  15. I've never seen or heard of a handmade nest like that before & I can see why you wanted one so much. It looks gorgeous & so nice that it arrived before Easter too :)

  16. Your nest is lovely and a wonderful way to display it too. I appreciate mine every day...

  17. Oh you lucky girl. Vicki's nest have been on my wish list forever.I won a necklace from her last year and love it. It is very special.

  18. Oh my! No wonder you lusted! I have never seen anything like this...breathtaking! I will definitely be checking these out. Thanks for the visit my way :)

  19. Vicki's nests are absolutely beautiful and her zest for life and enthusiasm for all that she does is inspiring! Wishing you a bright and beautiful day. Tammy

  20. I have SO much reading to do to play catch up on my blog list...your nest is BEAUTIFUL, lucky girl...I just placed myself on her waiting list for the next nesting the other day. Gorgeous!


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