Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Daily Dose Gratitude...

I am seeing lots of blogs refer to gratitude in this month of November.  I, too, am participating in a local gratitude "challenge".  Here is my tiny little journal of tags I am doing.  Nothing fancy or grandiose...simple yet heartfelt is what I preferred.  This little tag booklet I purchased on close-out one day because I loved the soft colors of the papers.  All I have done is to re-cover the front and back covers with some of my pretty papers and hearts.  Then I took a very old date stamp from my working days and stamped the daily date onto each bottom edge.  The year I will denote on my back cover where I have a tiny little folder for my signature.  I am keeping this simple by handwriting in black fine sharpie what I am grateful for each day.  I love how this keeps me focused on the moment of the day instead of on the overall big things I am grateful for.  Yesterday I was grateful for being able to volunteer at my local chamber.

This shows some in progress works on my studio table.  I better get busy...I have a mailing deadline looming. Don't you just love it when your supplies get to feel wanted and useful.  My little glitter "salt" shaker is having a sprinkling good time.  Buttons you are next to play...

Last Sunday Mr. C and I were able to visit an annual boutique and see what some of our local artisans have been busy making.  This wooden item was hanging on a tree branch with some other assorted shapes and wood colors.  At first I thought they were whistles and I got very intrigued.  Then upon closer inspection discovered they are ornaments.  Phil, the artist spent a lot of time talking with Mr. C and sharing his passion for wood and how he does his intricate shapes and inlays.  As much as I would like to keep this ornament I am instead filling it with love and healing hugs and sending it to a dear friend of ours who is battling pancreatic cancer (Mr. C has known him for decades and they traveled the world working together).  Our wonderful friend is an award winning woodworker himself who makes wooden toys for under privileged children every Christmas.  May you be well dear friend.  Hopefully this locally made wooden ornament will be some inspiration for your future woodworking endeavors.
Our weather is sunny and beautiful...however rain is predicted for the end of the week with snow higher up.
As I am visiting your blogs I am seeing such lovely things being created for holiday decorating and gift giving.   The inspiration is wonderful and I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of this generous community of gifted souls.  Thank you my friends.  I am blessed and very grateful.
Creative Bliss...


  1. so sorry to hear of your friends battle, this gift is such a wonderful tender hearted thing to do, so many are fighting the dreadful cancer beast,

  2. Dear Sherry,
    I`m sorry to hear about your husbonds dear friend`s battle- and think it is a wonderful gift.
    You little tags are all so sweet,-they will look very beautiful in the gratitude "challenge"
    Hugs from Dorthe

  3. Hi Sherry, it is always sad to hear of another person fighting C. But I am glad your husband has had him as a friend and can lend his support. If not for my friends, I would never have survived what the chemo did to me. Glad to see you working creatively again. Must mean your rib is feeling better. Big hugs, Theresa

  4. The little bundle of gratitude tags is a super idea! Thank YOU!

  5. What a lovely gift for your dear friend...

    Happy Tuesday, Sherry - XOXO Tanya

  6. what a good idea to do gratitude, in this world of so much unhappiness being positive is hard to do, I am going to try and think of something every day to help me through this coming winter.
    Wood is so appealing to the eye isn`t it, I am sure your poorly friend will love the piece and hopefully treatment will be a success.

  7. So sorry to hear about Mr. C's friend battling cancer. Too many people fighting that fight right now. Prayers for healing. I smiled when I saw that work table. Those look really fun. Enjoy your gratitude project.

  8. what a wonderful project! A gratitude journal! I've seen a few others doing this too. I should get to work on one. I have much to be grateful for!
    And what a heartfelt gift to give to someone like your friend. I know he will love it.
    As I went through your blog, looking at all I've missed, I saw your picture with your BFF. You are so adorable!!!
    Thank you for your beautiful words for us from this hurricane! You are a gem. We are getting a snow storm tonight. What else, right?

  9. Thank you for coming my way! Seems like just the thing I need right now is to be reminded of all there is to be grateful for. Your tag book is sweet and I just may lift that idea. Hugs,

  10. your tags are just precious. I am sorry to hear about the friend who is battling cancer, I believe in prayer and positive thinking to help heal.

  11. Wonderful thankfulness tag book. Great idea.
    Prayers sent for your friend.

  12. I LOVE the tag books. I do NOT love the cancer. There has just been too many people taken and harmed with things this year.

  13. Well, that was the sweetest post ever! Your little journal is a wonderful idea and how sweet to send the ornament to your woodworking friend, I wish him well on fight with cancer, that sure sucks, I am sure he agrees.


  14. Such a heartfelt, lovely post Sherry. Your gratitude tag journal is lovely. And that carved ornament is very beautiful. Mr. C's friend will certainly appreciate receiving it and being enveloped in the warmth of friendship as he opens it. A thoughtful gesture as he is so kind and generous of himself. Best wishes to you all, Tammy

  15. Your gratitude tags are such a great idea Sherry. It's easy to forget sometimes that we have so very much each day to be thankful for and I am thankful right now for all the kind, encouraging and positive comments you send my way. Thank you Sherry - you're a dear :)

  16. Ohh I am loving your projects, you make me feel so lacking artfully at the moment ( actually i am lacking lol, no mojo ) but your work is inspiring. I wanted to thank you too for your lovely kind words and welcome back to blogger. Thank you so much
    hugs June xxxxx

  17. Your gratitude book is a wonderful inspiration Sherry. The idea of focusing on one thing each day to be grateful for is simple yet compelling - brilliant!
    I am glad to see you are able to play in the studio a bit, and yes, I know just what you mean about the satisfaction of using supplies to create. There is a real satisfaction in it, almost a validation of sorts of why we have what we do and that we may not need it always right away, but eventually and it will be there, right where we need it. Lovely thoughts...

  18. Lovely cover, love the papers you chose. Thanks for stopping by my blog too.

  19. Such a sweet tag book Sherry and something to really make you stop and think about how lucky we are.

    I'm so sorry to hear of your friends illness. No doubt the beautiful wooden ornament will brighten his day.
    Hugs Lynn

  20. Hi Sherry, So sorry about your friends battle with cancer. I am sure the gorgeous ornament will bless his heart. What a beauty it is.
    Love your tag book project. Everything looks fabulous laying out on the table as you work. A graditude book is an inspiring idea and something that would be special to look back on in the future.
    Happy Creating my friend and have a wonderful week.
    Hugs, CM

  21. You are such a kind being! Love your blog with all the wonderful, delightful art you create and give to others!

    We need more like you in our world!

  22. You little tags are all so sweet, thanks for fine inspiration


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