Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Fabric, Yarns, Beads, Flowers...

Here is a garden of flowers.  These were created by the dear sweet Judy of jfabrications blog.  They flew all the way from Australia to land here at my home.  Judy makes each of these from bits and snippets of fabrics, yarns, beads and felt.  They are each so unique and beautiful.  I immediately thought of placing them on a wonderful pillow for a lovely Spring garden theme.  After all it is Spring in Australia.  Judy made some into headbands for little girls and they are adorable.  You can see photos on her blog.

While in the studio today trying to clear some of my worktable and organize projects and mailings I spied a little styrofoam cone shape on a shelf.  Hmmm...I pinned the flowers to the cone and now can enjoy them for a little holiday tree on my desk.  This photo does not properly show them at their finest however I never did get a good picture of it so this will be the one I share with you.  Please trust me that it looks quite nice in person.

Here is one of the flowers in close-up for you to see.  Judy puts a lot of time and care into each and every flower and I very much appreciate her work.  You can imagine all the possibilities of adding bits and snippets of lace and threads and fabrics and beads and buttons and even some bling.

This one I must admit is my very favorite.  The blues are my heartthrob.  Thank you sew very much Judy Dear.  You are such a generous and creative lady.  I cherish your gifts and your friendship.
Now lets make some flowers and see what else we can adorn with them.
Our weather is warmish but very rainy.  The skies were dark all day as the rain fell to the earth.  The wind was very strong and lots of leaves, pine needles and branches were falling down.  No trees crashing yet but we still have lots more rain coming over the next four days.  Snow is falling at the 6000' elevation and above which is good for the ski resorts.  I am at 3400' elevation and get snow when it is much colder.  Truthfully I would be happy if the snow stayed high all year long as it is treacherous and gets icy and dangerous.  
I am enjoying seeing all of your holiday decorating of your homes.  So much inspiration and joy to see what lovely vignettes you create.  I thank you for sharing.
Blissful Creating in this joyful season of holiday magic...


  1. so much work Judy puts in these beautiful flowers, they truly are little masterpieces, each and every one!

  2. They are so beautiful, and such details, I love when someone creates from the heart!

  3. what lovely floewrs and love how you have displayed them on the styrofoam cone, popped over to Judy`s blog from your link and yet another one I will be following

  4. Made with love .. it clearly shows ....

    Enjoy your new treasures dear one xx

  5. Judy's buttons are beautiful! I agree with you... blue is perfection!

  6. The flowers are beautiful. She really does put alot of work into her flowers. BEautiful. Enjoy them on your desk.
    Our weather has been cloudy here in Florida these past 2 days. Ana

  7. People are SEW creative! Lovely

  8. Such gorgeous flowers! She does such beautiful work. Thank you for pointing us/me to her blog, Sherry!
    Happy Creating,Jane

  9. I am really amazed at the enormous creativity to make such wonderful flowers.

  10. These are beautiful...I think the blue is my favorite, too. Ornaments heading your way on Sat. - you should have them by the beginning of the week...have been a little preoccupied with the Mom thing this past week. XOXOXOXO Tanya

  11. you have a lovely selection of fab flowers! I really like the idea of your tree, too.
    Enjoy your flowers.

  12. They are fantastic, dear ,-such wonderful colours, and so creative. What a wonderful gift to you. I would use them on schawls and glowes, too .

  13. All that beautiful work Judy did! I love the blue one too!

  14. Oh those are gorgeous, what creativity, my brain does not even go there!!! Thank you for sharing!


  15. Love the flowers. Great idea. thanks as always for sharing.

  16. Hello SSD, just trying to catch up with your blog - there's always so many beautiful things to see. All those wonderful gifts - wow!! The fabric postcards look wonderful and I love the pink yarn you've started knitting with - look forward to seeing more of it!

    Our weather has taken a turn for the worse - we had a bad frost this morning and the supermarkets are now all stocking up on salt (for de-icing the roads) snow shovels and even tobaggons - lol, hopefully we won't be needing them just yet.

    Hope your rib is healing well and you're not overdoing things. Take care xx

  17. What a wonderful collection! Judy is so talented.


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