Thursday, November 1, 2012

Harvesting Gratitude...

My friend Lindsay is hostessing "22 Days of Gratitude" beginning today the first of November.  I am unable to show you my little journal book that I will be recording my gratitude in because I haven't finished it even though it is very simple.  Day one...I am so very grateful for my online friends who truly are kind, caring, creative and generous.  I am certain my days of gratitude will not have a priority order as that would just be impossible for me to do.  Gratitude is ongoing lifelong and this is merely a snippet of daily special bits for me.

Speaking of my gratitude for online friends this is a banner hand made by Theresa.  She has no blog...yet.   I "met" Theresa through an ATC swap and we have been sharing personal swaps ever since.  I am always blown away by her beautiful work.  Here is a photo of the first three letters...H A R.  You can see each flag of the banner has so much detail and is in the perfect Fall Autumn colors.  I am always grateful when I check my mail and find an envelope from this lovely lady.

Here you can see the last four letters...V E S T.  My photography skills are horrible however I believe you can see how much time and work Theresa puts into what she creates.

Here is a photo of the banner hanging so you get an idea of the size and beauty of it.  This will become a treasured keepsake in my annual decorating and I shall always smile when I look at it.

I decided not to try to hang it this year as that would set off Mr. C who does not do holidays and decorations.  So I think it looks stunning right here on my dining table along with other Fall Autumn decor.  Thank you so very much Theresa Dear.  I am cherishing my new Harvest banner and I am grateful for our online friendship.  This is a very easy day one of gratitude.
We had a night of rain and watching the earth receive the moisture it so desperately needs to nourish the plants and trees of the forest.  It was joyful to actually have the sound of the rain being all we TV or other distractions.
As we gear up for a very busy season may we all take the time to recognize even the smallest gratitude in each and every day.  Blessings...


  1. what a great idea, days of gratitude, I am going to talk this over with my daughters, we have had such a horrendous year thinking about the good things will surely help.

    A lovely harvest banner, now that I can relate to unlike halloween.

  2. such a beautiful banner, your words are always such a comfort to read,

  3. Such a beautiful banner, Sherry! Theresa really did nice work making it for you.
    Glad to hear you're getting some badly-needed rain!
    The Gratitude Journal sounds like a good idea, especially for this time of year when we're so busy. Good to take a few moments to look back and think of things for which we are grateful. Of course, one of my "things to be grateful for" would be YOU, Sherry! So glad I found your blog!

    Hope your rib is healing well and quickly!
    xoxo Jane

  4. Sherry your post are always so sweet and warm. Love coming to your blog and reading all the nice things you have to say about everyone. For the first time in a long time I will be decorating for Thanksgiving. I never do since I am always putting up the Christmas village at this time. So now that I will not be putting it up I am decorating for all the holidays.
    TFS> ana

  5. Dear Sherry,
    the banner gift is abeautiful lovely and happy piece, that you will treasure alwayes.
    I know we often sayes it, BUT aren`t blogging-and other friends just wonderful.
    Your Halloween decor looks wonderful in all the autumn colours, and love how you used the big leafe in your post beneath.
    My husbond so also not care for hollyday decorations, BUT I have to admit I`m doing things any way :-)

  6. How fun is THIS!!! And, I think it's a "guy thing", not to care about the decorations. Happy Thursday - XOXO

  7. yes,we are gearing up for the winter season. I am starting to think these banners need to be in my house as well. very cute. Take care, Sherry!

  8. What a great idea to have a month of gratitude. That is one thing I do every night when I lay my head on my pillow, I think the lord for all of the wonderful things that happen that day. Theresa's banner is gorgeous!


  9. Lovely Harvest Banner! I kept a gratitude journal several years ago, and it really taught me to look for the positive in the everyday stuff we often don't celebrate.
    I hope your gratitude journal runneth over.

  10. Sherry, what a surprise to see my banner looking so good in your space. I am very glad that you like it. And i very much like the idea of a gratitude journal. I will add my wishes that your rib heal up soon and well. Take care and keep watching for an envelop from me sometime in November. I am already working on the next ATC's. big hugs, Theresa

  11. I enjoy making these buntings and especially when they bear a message that can be shared every year. Harvesting gratitude is indeed a practice and season that could be extended to the rest of the year! I hope you are well and out of harm's way in the recent weather events. Thank you so much for your visit and comments!! Anita

  12. Gratitude!
    I feel there is a great lack of gratitude, at least where I live. People complain about the things they don't have. Let us give a moment's thought to the things we do have and be thankful for them. Fortunately there are lots of good things.

  13. Blogger friends are the best! Thanks for the reminder to recognize gratitude in each and every day. It's so easy to get caught up in "life" and not remember what's truly important.

  14. We have so many things to be grateful for! Enjoy your weekend.

  15. Hi Sherry! How are you feeling? I have been thinking about you....and I have also been thinking about Gratitude. In November I do like to think even more about this! My current Journey Journal is almost finished and filled, so I think a Gratitude Journal is in the making! I am grateful for you and your friendship. Hugs, kath

  16. Aren't online friends wonderful. Such a lovely banner from your friend. Hopefully you can convince her to start her own blog too.
    Hugs Lynn


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