Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Blessings & Gratitude...

As our Thanksgiving approaches I am feeling blessed and grateful.  Although this has been a difficult year I am thankful for all I have.
This little turkey is ready to set the table and let the guest know where to sit.  Very simple to make.  One circle of fabric gathered yo-yo style.  A piece of felt cut into a light bulb shape for the body.  Little black beads for the eyes.  Some orange/red paint for the chin and a small piece of toothpick for the beak.  Glue it all together and with a strip of card stock you can write the name of your guest.

Here is my little gathering of place cards.  Pretty cute if I say so myself.

 This year I set out some of my favorite Fall/Autumn treasures.  It is comforting to be able to enjoy them.

Nothing grand or over-the-top.  Mr. C does not enjoy holidays or displays so I keep it small and out of the way.  This is a wood and glass table and stools he built many years ago.  Makes my little treasures all the more special to me.

This is the overall view.  Each year I seem to add a new pumpkin to the lot.  This year it was the glass jar which is holding leaves.  My friend Sylvia gave it to me filled with Reeses Peanut Butter Cups!  Those are long gone into our tummies.  My bad.  Thank you Sylvia Dear.

Also this year I was fortunate to be able to add this knitted nest from Vicki of 2bagsfull blog.  Mr. C actually bought this for me and I am thrilled.  It is the creative touch that I cherish.
May each of you enjoy your Thanksgiving and enjoy family and friends during this time of grateful blessings.  For all of you outside our United States may you enjoy grateful blessings even though you do not have our Thanksgiving holiday.
Creative Hugs to all...


  1. Good morning Sherry! It's 6am where I am, and it was lovely to see you being creative in a Thankful way!Love this display.

  2. A very lovely table display and those turkeys are just too cute! What you do/create displays your thankful heart! :)

  3. such a beautiful Autumn display,

  4. Awwwwww! how adorable ALL your decorations are!!! Enjoy your holiday!!

  5. Oh your turkeys are just gorgeous and I bet they weren't so simple to make so many. Happy Thanksgiving to you and may you be blessed for the year ahead :) Gorgeous placecard gathering, don't worry about Mr C, he is a man after all. Just be creative, as you do best :) keeleyxx

  6. I love your happy little display. The nest is gorgeous. I have always wanted one of her nests. Maybe this year. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  7. PS. I meant to tell you your turkey place cards are absolutely darling!!!

  8. your place cards are delightful, you will now have to do some for Christmas,Easter and birthdays and then you will have a whole set.
    Like your autumn display and yes that nest is something to really catch the eye, will pop over to her blog after and check them out.
    A very happy and peaceful thanksgiving to you and your guests I am sure you will enjoy the time you all have together.

  9. What a cute clever idea for place cards...I love them! Your autumn display is perfect, Happy Thanksgiving my dear friend!


  10. Sherry your little Turkeys are so darling!!! What a great way to set your Thanksgiving table. Your festive fall table is lovely.

    So tell me why does Mr. C not like holidays? My hubby used to feel the same way, luckily he changed his ways!
    Hugs Lynn

  11. Dear Sherry,
    Such a wonderful collection of pumpkins you have,- and I`m the lucky owner of 2 nests from dear Vicki.
    I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving hollyday, and joy placing your name tags for each guest.

  12. Hi Sherry, You turkeys are so cute. I am sure guest will enjoy them, especially that they are personalized with their names. Enjoy your thanksgiving with family and friends. ANA

  13. Love those turkey place cards! So cute! A very nice display table.
    Wishing you and Mr.C a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  14. Hi Sherry, oh my goodness what cute accents and darling table display. You are one talented lady.
    Love those turkey place cards.
    Wishing you a special Thanksgiving and blessings always.
    Hugs, CM

  15. Sweet little turkey place card holders and all your decorations look wonderful. Have a very warm, loving and delicious Thanksgiving!

  16. Pretty cute, indeed!!! Hope you and Mr. C (despite his dislike of the decorations, silly!) have a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving, Sherry - XOXO Tanya

  17. Love your little displays of holiday cheer. I think most men must be more minimalist than we are. I think it's a common theme that they do not enjoy the decor and embellishments that come with the holidays as much as we do. I wish you a wonderful thanksgiving Sherry. I am thankful to know you all these miles away!!

  18. Your turkeys are so cute and yet simple to create.
    The knitted nest looks great and cozy.
    Happy Thanksgiving dear Sherry!

  19. Happy love- filled Thanksgiving to you and yours, Sherry! Your little turkeys are BIG on adorable!

  20. Have a most wonderful and very Happy Thanksgiving, Sherry!
    Fox : ))

  21. Hello Sherry,
    Your turkey place cards are so cute! Great idea! And that knitted nest is totally amazing.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you too : )

  22. Those little turkey place cards are absolutely adorable. I have been so bad this year -- haven't decorated for anything. My turkey tealight holders are still in the cupboard and the Fall wreath never even made it to our front door. Oh well! You are so fortunate to have one of Vicki's beautiful yarn nests. Happy holidays. Tammy


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