Thursday, November 15, 2012

Generous, Giving, Gifts...

I follow blogs that I am drawn to.  Blogs that interest me and offer similar creative paths or are completely unlike anything I do but someday hope to do.  Tanya at Bead and Needle is a blog I follow.  Her interests are varied and I like what I read.   Not too long ago Tanya had a giveaway that I entered.  When she emailed me to ask for a couple of photos I was very surprised and pleased.  She makes soldered glass slide pendants.  I have never done this but have always wanted to.  Bonus!  I get to select my own photos?!!  Thank you Tanya for being so generous, giving and creative!!!

Being the good girl I am I sent two photos to Tanya.  I knew just the right ones from my recent birthday celebration.  This is Mr. C and myself.  I have never liked seeing myself in photos, however the reality of it all is I actually do look like this...sadly so.  The pendant is beautiful.

This is the other side of the pendant.  This photo features myself and my lovely daughter.  Tanya's soldering work is so fun with the details along the edges of the pendant.  What a wonderful keepsake.

Not only did Tanya make my personalized pendant she also included a fun Halloween themed black and white pendant.  Thank you so very much Tanya.  You are one of the special people I have "met" through blogging.
So for the past few weeks I have been looking at these soldered pendants and thinking.  These would make wonderful gifts and with the holidays upon us and making out my Christmas gift list...hmmm.  I have made my request to Tanya for some special orders.  I am thinking how great these would look tied with a beautiful silk ribbon and hanging on the Christmas tree as an ornament.  Not everyone wears pendants but a once a year ornament would be pretty special.  I hope you visit Tanya and see what she is creating.
Yesterday was very warm and sunny and beautiful.  Tomorrow is predicted rain for several days.  Our local ski resorts are opening for business this weekend.  That is good news for them.
I am enjoying my little gratitude tag journal.  It is amazing what joys we are blessed with each and every day.  I am focusing on the tiny little joys.  Here is a sample day's entry..."I am grateful for creative and talented people who offer their items for sale."  Rather fitting for this post I would say.
Creative Gentle Hugs...


  1. Hi Sherry,
    Lucky you. Beautiful photos and a beautiful way to remember that special day.
    hugs and JOY,

  2. Aw, Sherry, you and Mr.C look wonderful. lovely gift!

  3. Hi dear Sherry,
    Tanya makes the most beautiful charms and pendants,- I just LOVE the ones she made for me, with my grandchildren on- and the finish with the "pearls" around the frame,is so lovely.
    You looks wonderful with both your husbond and daughter, on the one you recieved.

  4. How wonderful!! You do meet such great folks in the cyber world!

  5. You ROCK, Sherry - they were fun to make, and I'm glad you are happy. Thanks for the "plug" - I've met the nicest people through blogging (Sherry sent some beautiful things MY way, that I will be blogging about next week)...XOXO Tanya

  6. It's a beautiful pendant and a gorgeous picture! Oh cripes I am trying to remember if I ever liked pictures of myself. What a great keepsake


  7. a truly lovely reminder of you birthday, luck you, I can see why you are ordering more, they will be loved by those who receive them

  8. What a lovely keepsake - and beautiful photos too! That was so sweet of Tanya to personalize your prize for you!
    Hope you're getting better each day, dear Sherry!

  9. I think you look really good on the pictures. I see a warm friendly loving happy woman.
    Have a terrific weekend, dear Sherry.

  10. Beautiful pendants, and lovely pics of you, your daughter and Mr. C!
    I think there have only been three pictures I've liked of myself over the years.

  11. Congrats to you! The pendants are lovely. Using some for ornaments is a great idea! And you are beautiful! Best wishes, Tammy

  12. You are beautiful! Those are so special with that handsome man,lovely daughter and beautiful you. Great idea for ornaments too.
    Thank you for your sweet comments. Sadly I relapsed yesterday and went to the DR. He has me on antibiotics now as it turned into acute bronchitis. My little hospital trip has really done me in BUT I am on the mend and I have a little voice now. DH sure enjoyed 16 days off quiet coming from me. Ha! Your comments make my day and I so appreciate our friendship. Hugs

  13. Hello dear Sherry, you got some beautiful gifts!
    Have a sweet Sunday xx
    I'm back to blogging and I'm happy about it x

  14. And many blessings to YOU dear creative soul! Anita

  15. You cannot imagine how adorable she is in person. I am so blessed to have her in my life. She is only 3 blocks away .Lucky me.

    I know how you love your charms, since I love mine also.
    Your gifts will be most appreciated.

  16. Your charms are just precious. beautiful photos too. thank you for letting me know about Lindsey. I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.


  17. congratulations on your new treasures! i especially love the photo of you with your two c and your daughter! what could be more special than that?! tanya does beautiful work, and i know the special people in your life who'll be receiving her soldered handiwork from you this year will be thrilled!

    sending you many, many warm hugs for a very blessed Thanksgiving, dear sweet sherry!!

  18. What a beautiful win and great photos you picked!
    hugs Lynn


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