Friday, November 23, 2012

Project Pink Scarf...

Here is a project I feel strongly about supporting.  Vicki who makes the most amazing knitted nests is gathering pink scarves for one year.  Here is her blog post for you to check out for further details.

So while my friend Sandy was visiting recently I was showing her my nest from Vicki that Mr. C bought me. Sandy is rather new to knitting and is creating her new little granddaughter the most beautiful and complex sweaters.  I told Sandy about the Pink Scarf Project as Sandy herself is a breast cancer survivor.  She immediately told me she had some pink yarn at home and would mail it to me so I could knit a sweater to donate.  This photo shows the yarn and Sandy's sweet note.

When I opened the box I literally swooned at how gorgeous this yarn is.  When I came round I in the world does anyone knit this variety of threads, yarns, ribbons and such.  I am not good at knitting.  Grandma tried but I just didn't get it very well.  When I made a mistake it was too hard to "un-knit".  So I gave up like most young folks would do.  I did keep at the crocheting Grandma taught me.  Oh how I wish I would have paid more attention and learned knitting from her.

So off to the local yarn shop I went.  Here is my yarn all wound into a ball.  I felt so guilty as the shop was busy that I bought some new needles too.  After all they did wind it for me without charge.  I also learned that the yarn label suggests which size needles to use.  Oh yeah, who knew?!!

I looked at this little ball of beauty and wondered how am I ever going to knit this.  Hmmm...curiosity got the better of me and I began my task.  The Knitting for Dummies book helped me remember how to cast on.    With lumps and bumps I managed to get a few rows knitted.  Do I ever feel proud.  After all I promised Sandy I would try to knit and if that failed I would certainly crochet the scarf.  And there is no rush!

I just love this photo.  The simplicity of the yarn ball with the beautiful handcrafted wooden knitting needles and my little beginning rows.  With my confidence building I will persevere and hopefully show you progress along the way.  I am keeping this scarf simple as the yarn will be the star of the show.  Thank you very much Sandy dear for sharing in this lovely project.
Our weather has cleared and today we have some sunshine.  For this entire next week it is predicted to be sunny and beautiful.
No crazy Black Friday shopping for me.  I am more of a gatherer throughout the entire year.  Mr. C and I will be going to our little town today and enjoying some local artisans sales.  I have something special I am hoping to acquire.  We will also support one of our local churches.  They have a fun little craft sale each year.  But the best part...the little church ladies prepare lunch for all to enjoy.  For a very small fee we can have a sandwich, hot cider or tea and a piece of home-baked pie.  Sit at comfortable tables and rest from a busy morning of shopping.  I am treating Mr. C today as he will be happy to have a break from shopping.
May you each enjoy the beauty of this holiday season.  Stay in the moment and remember to breathe.
Creative Hugs to all...


  1. Extraordinary yarn. The fun of knitting with big needles is that even small progress is visible.
    Have a nice weekend,

  2. that is delicious yarn!I love those needles and you are right , hats so pretty, would make a great photo, the needles in the yarn like that,

  3. I love LOVE it!! Pretty Pink Pastel
    Have a sweet weekend x

  4. That yarn is to die for...and those are my favorite knitting needles - looks like you're off to a gorgeous start! XOXO

  5. Yummy. That is a stunning combination of texture and colour. You will do well and be a sweet blessing!

  6. Og Sherry, that yarn is so beautiful, I love yarns so mixed in different threads- and the lovely colours.
    You have fun knitting to dear VickiS beautiful project, with the gorgeous yarn, lovely offered from your generous friend.

  7. Hello Sherry, The Pink Scarf Project looks good to me too.
    And your scarf project is going to turn out fabulous I can tell! That yarn is totally delicious, and it looks like you already have a good start! Yay!

  8. That has to be the most gorgeous yarn I have ever seen!! Keep us posted with your progress. Hugs Mrs A.

  9. Oh, such wonderful yarn! It will become a beautiful scarf to bring comfort to someone battling breast cancer.
    Are your new needles bamboo? I like to use them--much warmer than the metal needles.
    Way to go!
    Enjoy your shopping and lunch.

  10. thanks for telling us about the pink scarf project, will have a go with my crochet hook and depending on how it turns out will either send if off or bin it!

  11. I can't knit, but would buy that yarn to just gaze upon it is so pretty!

    ~ Violet

  12. Love, love the yarn...and your giving spirit too.

  13. Beautiful yarn Sherry and what a wonderful thing for you to do.
    Been years since I knitted. Only did one thing a baby blanket for my sisters new baby. I think it ended up being two inches longer on one side. LOL But I tried. That was the end of that! LOL
    I know you will make some woman very happy and bring her some comfort at this difficult time. Enjoy your day its sounds wonderful.
    Hugs Lynn

  14. Stunning yarn Sherry! Can hardly wait to see how this progresses.

  15. Oh Sherry I am so proud of you giving this a go with that very beautiful soft pink yarn from your friend. Yes let the yarn do the talking as I did using a plain stitch with large wooden needles.
    It will be so very beautiful.

    Thanks for your kind comment about my Pink Wrap also AND I wish you the best of luck with my Giveaway!
    Lots of warm knitting hugs to you!

  16. OH YES...DON'T FORGET TO BREATHE! I am trying, but things are moving too fast! Thank you precious lady for coming to visit my post. BLESS YOU! Anita

  17. H Sherry, what a nice project to a part of. That soft pink yarns is just gorgeous. Thanks for stoping by my blog, sending blessings.


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