Sunday, November 4, 2012

Small Intimate Affair...

On a beautiful Saturday in our small local community some of us creative souls gathered for a boutique that our lovely Zumba Mary hostessed.  I neglected to get a photo of Mary.  This is my best friend Lorraine (in red) and myself (in black) and together we are the Saucy Chicks.  Mary held a boutique last year and I was out of town so this year I didn't want to miss it...even with my broken, displaced and bent rib.
This is not a fancy venue but it is wonderful that Mary arranges for us to have indoor space (weather unknown ahead of time) and she charges us zero to participate.  Who could ask for more?
Here is or humble table of very affordable items.  I tried to keep it to a minimum and not make hundreds of items.  As Mr. C said to me one day, "Sherry you work so hard and I hate to see you be disappointed when it doesn't all sell".  He knows me all too well and yes, I normally way overdo and then I am hugely disappointed.
For this boutique I think I reached the proper balance.  I kept it simple.

This is more of our things.  The pricing was affordable with items from 2 for $1 all the way up to $5.  I wanted to concentrate on the small easily purchased things for people to buy.  Our local economy is quite strained and it is hard for some to spend money on anything that isn't a total, fuel and utilities.
I was participating more to get a few dollars to recoup my supplies expenses than I was to get "rich".  I am fortunate to even be able to buy supplies and create in my days of retirement and volunteer helper.

We Saucy Chicks prepared a dozen "Grab Bags" for the cost of $5 donation to our local Kare Crisis Nursery program.  Silly me thought every one knew what a grab bag is.  Funny how people are sometimes.  The very first lady who gave us $5 didn't realize that she got to select a bag and keep the contents.  I don't guarantee you will like the items inside but I do say you will get lots more than $5 worth of goodies.  Lets call the contents stocking stuffers and ornaments.  In the end we sold 9 of the 12 bags with blessed Mary saying she will sell the remaining 3 for us during the week.  After is for a very worthwhile cause!

Here is an overview and it does show our small intimate affair we enjoyed all morning.  Too funny...we are our own very best customers as we each bought from one another and back and forth.
I cannot complain about sales and being disappointed this year.  I didn't get "rich" but I did make some money for replacing supplies and buying a few gifts from the other gals.  I certainly enjoyed the friendship time chatting and laughing (in my case more smiling than laughing) and I can watch people forever and never get bored.  As each Zumba classes finished Mary would send the gals over for shopping time as we were just two doors down the walkway.  We even had some home baked cookies for nourishment to offer guests.  I made peanut butter with a dash of sugar and cinnamon on the tops.  After doctor did tell me to eat more cinnamon for good health.
Thank you to Mary and her wonderful husband Antonio for allowing us this "Small Intimate Affair" opportunity to offer our creative items with others.  Thank you to Mr. C for getting up and driving me there at 6:30 am and setting up the tables.
Our weather is glorious.  The Fall colors are finishing.  We have had another recent night of rain and for that I am truly grateful.  Now that the busy season is here it will be good to stop and take a breath and really concentrate on what is important versus what we think we must accomplish.
Prayers continue for all affected by Storm Sandy.  I am amazed with how well California has responded and sent huge transporter planes full of people power, machine power and supplies for rebuilding and restoring the East Coast.  We live in a great nation of strong and resilient people who come together for the greater good.
Mr. C and I have voted.  We vote by absentee ballot due to years in the past not knowing if we could get to a polling place due to snow and road closures or power outages.
May you each have much to be grateful for.  Blessings and Creative Bliss...


  1. what a wonderful event, everything looks lovely as do you and your friend, I love grab bags and buy them when i see them!!

  2. It looks like a wonderful event! You, your Saucy Chick friend, and your 'wares' look lovely. I think I would've bought everything, including a grab bag if I were there!
    Enjoy your Fall weather. Hope your rib is healing nicely!
    xoxo Jane

  3. Looks like you girls had a great event...I know how much work goes into the shows, and with your rib and all, I'm amazed you hung in there! Happy Sunday, Sherry - Tanya

  4. I am so glad you were able to attend the zumba boutique. Seems you had a great time!

  5. Sherry, I too know how many hours needed to create for those occations, and I know how easily one can be dissapointed , I hope you are not this time, dear.
    It is alwayes such lovely hours spend with friends in shows, and gatherings for such occations like this.

  6. That sounds like a venue I would enjoy! I'm glad you were feeling well enough to attend, and please... keep eating that cinnamon!

  7. Sherry, you are looking ever so lovely. The event sounds wonderful. I used to do craft bazaars but hated all the planning and making and deadlines and schedules. I like to create just for the sake of creating. It's good that you did just enough to not feel overwhelmed and had good success with sales. It certainly looks and sounds like it was a fabulous day for many reasons. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Blessings, Tammy

  8. Glad you had a successful day Sherry.Getting out and having company helps doesn't it?How's the rib going? Ribs take some time to heal. Love those little bags.I would have bought quite a few, as they are sweet little stocking fillers.

  9. Well, bless you and your saucy chick partner. You look tremendous and have done a wonderful job. oh, BTW; I'm sure rich is over rated! lol

  10. Hard work, well done, sweet Sherry!
    enJOY a blessed week,

  11. I love the table arrangements. It looks like a wonderful event, I'm glad it was a success!

  12. looks like a good place to visit and unload some money, I am sure I would have grabbed a bag, never heard of grab bags before and also would have wanted other bits and pieces. Glad the rib is healing, just a matter of time and doing as you are told!

  13. Your photos are lovely to see Sherry of your day and I'm glad you made some money. Your table looked great and I bet your customers really appreciated the low prices.

    Take care and I hope the rib is healing SSD.

    ps, you look beautiful xx

  14. Hi Sherry,
    What a wonderful day full of special treasures to browse and purchase. Offering lower prices made for a extra treat. You are just gorgeous my friend and I love the pic of you and your friend.
    I know it is a lot of work getting ready for these events as I have done plenty. Big or small the work is the same. I know a wonderful day was enjoyed by all.

    Hope you have a great and creative week.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  15. Looks like a sweet gathering of creative people. So glad you were able to replenish some of your stash!
    Sherry I do hope your taking it easy. Be careful with your ribs honey!!

    Thanks for entering my giveaway and best of luck.
    Hugs Lynn

  16. That looks like a fun day and girlfriend, you look fabulous!!! I vote by absentee ballot too, then I can do research on amendments and such. so glad you had a great day!


  17. What a wonderful event. Thanks for sharing it Sherry through photos.

  18. I'm glad you were feeling well enough to attend your boutique! It looks like you had fun and it was successful for all involved. :-)

  19. How nice to have been able to do this event. I am sure you were happy when the doctor and Mr. C gave you the OK.
    Hoep you were able to sell most of the goodies you had.


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