Monday, November 12, 2012

Magazine Paper Pockets...

Here is an easy little project for anyone who needs to sit still and recuperate.  I know how difficult it is to just sit so this is perfect for doing as little as possible yet getting wonderful results in the end.  I began with a magazine of exceptional quality paper and photos.  Next I tear out the pages I wish to use which have a photo that would still look good after being folded.  Tip:  I use the other pages as my foundation to glue upon.  Supplies needed:  magazine or calendar, scissors, glue stick, optional bone folder.  

Here is a sample of the shape you want after tearing out the page and folding it in thirds with a slight overlap along the back seam.  Next you fold up the bottom and then I trim the sides off for less bulk.  This step is not necessary but I like the finished result much better.  Now all you do is glue the back seam with the overlap.  Next you glue the bottom "flap" (in this photo it is the white strip with the printing on it) and fold it up over the back seam.

Now you have a lovely little paper pocket.  I like to tear off the very top edge just to give it a fun flair.  You could also use those decorative scissors we all love.  I really like to use my paper calendars which I get from numerous charity donations.  They usually have wonderful photos with no text.  Book pages would be fine also.  These are fun to fill with paper ephemera or little gifts that are fairly flat.  Easy to package and mail in an envelope.  So now I can feel like I am accomplishing something instead of just sitting doing nothing...which I don't do very well!
Our latest rain storm was just that.  It did not produce any snow other than lots of flurries which never stuck or accumulated.  We did get down to 23 degrees at night so it was very cold...this is California after all!
Today is sunny and cold.  Somehow the sunshine makes it all bearable.  I will just bundle up with an extra layer of warm clothes and a cozy scarf around my neck.
It appears the holidays are upon us in full steam.  Lots of boutiques happening and stores with conflicting displays...Thanksgiving/Fall/Harvest vs. Christmas and all the variations of it...Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, etcetera.
I am making my list and beginning to check it twice.  As fast as this entire year has flown by it will now be in turbo boost until New Year's.  So much to do and so little time is what we are conditioned to feel.  This year I shall try my best to breathe and keep a slower pace so I can enjoy every moment of the wonder of the season.  I am keeping up with my little gratitude tag journal and it is so rewarding to be thankful for even the smallest blessing each day.
Continuing prayers for all who have no power, lack of warm clothes, nourishing meals or a home to live in.


  1. That's a good craft idea! I can see using special papers, too...I have a pile of papers I've collected.....
    wishing you warmer days and sunshine....

  2. That's wonderful idea!
    We all have soooo many great mags sitting them a new life is a great idea.
    Loved your visit today...thanks for stopping by and chating a bit.
    Keep creating...

  3. What a great pocket! I need to try this. Thanks, Sherry. Yes, we'll be ringing in the new year in no time! :0

  4. I'm breathing deeply along with you. Very hard to resist that Turbo Charge Effect leading up to Christmas.
    Neat idea for the notebooks.Could be a great Staff Idea!
    Judy x

  5. What a great idea thanks for this!

  6. Hi Sherry! I like your pretty and practical pockets! I am not good at sitting and recuperating either... How are you feeling these days? Every Halloween, I say that Christmas is now just right around the corner! Here it comes!

  7. What a great time to post this because we are all ready to toss out our calenders for the year and they have such great photos! You are a genius!


  8. you have come up with a great way to see,make, keep and appreciate nice pages.
    Love the gratitude things, have told both my daughters to do it as they are both struggling at the moment about beinbg positive and they say it helps.

  9. you are so clever! thank you for sharing this. hope you have a wonderful week!

  10. This is such a simple brilliant idea.
    Perfect to wrap up a flat gift.
    Thank you for sharing.

  11. Your paper pockets look great, thanks for sharing your tutorial with us.

    Your weather is really cold. Ours is beginning to get colder now although it was a bright sunny day today so all the Autumnal colours looked glorious.

    Hope you're continuing to rest up and heal, take care SSD xxx

  12. What would you use these for??? gift cards, maybe? Other ideas?

  13. Thanks, that is a great idea! Maybe old seed catalogs could be used too, lots of flower pics!

  14. Such gorgeous pockets! Thank you for the inspiration. keeleyxx

  15. Hi Sherry, What a great post and thank you for sharing the how to create for the pockets. They are awesome and so useful. I have so many old calenders that I keep to do something with. This would be perfect.
    So hope you warm up a bit. It got really cold here last night too and all day today. I don't mind so much after our very hot summer. It would be nice to a bit colder for the holiday. Just not too long.
    Happy Creating my friend.
    Hugs CM

  16. Love the pocket idea. It will be fun for you to use as a package. maybe you could actually write an address on white paper and tape it to the packet and drop it in the mail like it is!
    I too am making my list and checking it twice. Which is why I was so disappointed with my change. But in this day of using debit cards, we hardly use money. so there is no change. ugh. We will see what next year brings with the change!!

  17. I love pockets & envelopes!!... so how did you break a rib? Perhaps I was channeling you as I made my sketch!? I hope you are on the mend my friend. So good to be back!!

  18. I use Pottery Barn catalogs to make envelopes that I then put in tea, chocolate, maybe a little crocheted something. Always nice to make something that doesn't take a lot of time or effort but gives a sense of satisfaction. Best wishes, Tammy

  19. I really like this idea! Somewhere I learned to make mailing envelopes from the pretty catalog pages, maps, etc. but will have to try these pockets too.
    Take care!
    xo Jane


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