Monday, November 26, 2012

Gifts into Gifts...

I know I have said it before but it requires saying again...bloggers are such wonderful people. When you find a blogger who you share creative common ground and you become really good friends there isn't a better feeling for your heart and soul.   Jillayne is one of these special people.  You probably know her and her blog so no surprise here.  This surprise package arrived for me one day.  I couldn't imagine what it would contain.

It contained a jackpot of beautiful and creative and wonderful gifts.  Thank you my dear friend.  I am so very grateful for you.

This is an assortment of beads and charms in my favorite peacock colors.  Many of them are hand created out of polymer by another friend of Jillayne's.  The beads and button are exquisite in person.  I will think of just the perfect way to use these lovelies.

This bracelet was a complete surprise as I never knew Jillayne to make jewelry.  What?!!  You did it just for me?!!!  Thank you beyond words.  This bracelet is so much fun and very well made my dear.  I love it and you.  This is vintage bling heaven!

Here is the bundle of fabric that was included in my surprise package.  I decided to make some gifts with it.  I began by cutting out the "postcards".  I gathered some supplies and went to the sewing machine.

Here is just a peek of what I am doing.  No reveal of the completed project as I am mailing a few of these very soon and want them to be a surprise upon receipt.  Thank you so very much Jillayne.  You have spoiled me and blessed me.  My gratitude is endless.
We have lovely weather...warmer than normal.  However there is rain coming toward the end of the week.  Lots of rain.  I think Washington state is sending their flooding rain down to us.  We have had a good amount of rain so our ground is quite wet.  After the extra dry summer we had the rain is welcomed.
I am very behind this year with my holiday efforts.  I need some extra elves to help me but they seem to be in short supply as Santa has them very busy at the North Pole.  I do believe...
May you each be able to enjoy the magic of this holiday season as you make your lists, check them twice and work on your projects. Blissful creating one and all...


  1. I can see you are enjoying your treasures to the fullest.
    Have a happy last week of November x

  2. Hi Sherry,
    Quick note to let you know that your ATCs have arrived safely. Thank you for the extra.
    Looking forward to seeing your finished project. Nice tease.
    enJOY a lovely day

  3. How nice to receive those goodies and so clever of you to put them to good use!

  4. YOu had me at bling, what a cute bracelet and I love the fabric post cards..Can't wait to see what you are up to!


  5. wow, I like that bracelet and the beads are gonna be very attractive. You will certainly be set for posting! It is a marvelous Monday!

  6. Wonderful gifts and I love how you go right to work using them.That bracelet is beautiful and so much fun.

  7. what a lovely parcel to have dropping through the letter box, so many goodies which I am sure will be used to make wonderful things. Never seen postcard fabric before.The bracelet is beautiful

  8. Hi Sherry, What wonderful gifts from dear and talented Jillayne. She is such a wonderful girl and her creative imagination is endless.
    Love the bracelet she created and the fabric is wonderful. I can see you creating your magic with it. Postcard fabric, I have not seen and love it. What a treat you received and so deserving my friend.

    Have fun creating.
    Sending hugs, Celestina Marie

  9. What a lovely package to find in the mail! I've never seen postcard fabric before. What fun!
    Glad you are enjoying yourself!

  10. Oh wow! What a fab package full of goodies! I love that bracelet and the wonderful postcard fabric...can't wait to see what you are making. You always have such great ideas.

  11. OH my goodnes Sherry, what a gorgeous gift from dear Gillayne.
    You are a lucky soul, that bracelet is fantastic, and the pearls so lovely,-
    The fabric is wonderful, and sweet Jillayne also gifted me with a piece of it-
    Your project looks beautiful Sherry.
    hugs Dorthe

  12. Your surprise package of goodies looks wonderful Sherry and very special. Your project looks very interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing more of what you're making and creating. Have fun!

  13. Hi Sherry, what a sweet and generous gift. Such great goodies, enjoy your treasure.

  14. What a lovely blog post!!! It is so nice to get beautiful surprises in the mail!
    Sorry I have been out of touch lately. I am sick, the boys have a stomach flu and now dh has it too. I just hope it misses me!!!
    Have an awesome day my friend!!

  15. What a wonderful surprise, Sherry! Jillayne is such a dear. She blesses so many with her friendship. Can't wait to see the big reveal on your projects!

  16. I LOVE that postcard fabric! How perfect is that!!! :)

  17. ooooh these ar just marvelous, even if I don't know exactly what I am seeing. I love vintage postcards -- how can anyone resist the visual treat of old penmanship. A lost artform for sure. lovely, as you are!!

  18. Such beautiful gifts and yes bloggers are the most generous of all.
    hugs Lynn


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