Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cherished Handsewn Doll...

This is Sherry Anne.  She is a handmade hand sewn doll that was made in my likeness.  When I was five years old my mother brushed and braided my hair before I was to walk to Kindergarten one day.  However my hair had gum tangled in it and of course my mother is trying to hurry and I am screaming and well...my mother took the scissors and cut off my beautiful long blond braids right at the hair line so the rubber bands were still holding my braids together.  (Yes, to this day I am still traumatized by what she did to me.) This is my real hair on the doll. She is in this little keepsake frame but it really is too small so I think I should get her a proper fitting home.  
Here is Sherry Anne out of the frame.  Unfortunately she is very dirty and unkempt due to my younger sisters playing with her when I was not at home to keep her safe.  This doll is so cherished to me because not only is my real hair on her as I wore it but a wonderful elderly lady who was paraplegic and in a wheelchair hand sewed her from scratch.  I do not know her name and she is long gone by now but I do remember her kindness.  She lived across the street from us.  When my mother cut off my hair she gave it to this woman because she made dolls for the children who were in the local hospital.  I have no idea how many dolls she made with my hair but I can assure you there was a lot of it as I have very thick hair and it was down past my waist.
Here you can see a little better of how my braids looked when I was five.  
 Look at this tatting she did and put on the edges of the hat, dress and pantaloons.  I am in awe and must learn to tat just to honor this treasured skill.  None of the hand stitches are perfect but I love them because of the love I know this lady sewed into every part of my doll and every doll she made for the hospital children.
Yes, I did have blue eyes.  Through the years they have turned true hazel so sometimes blue, green, grey depending on how I am feeling or what I am wearing.  Look at this hand embroidery work.  So precious.
Here I have lifted her skirt, her slip with lovely lace and this stiffer petticoat layer to show you her pantaloons and her little tiny feet.  All hand stitched.  So much care and time and love in this little doll.  I cherish her!
I have always wished I could have thanked that wonderful lady who made Sherry Anne.  I do know in my heart she knew how happy she made me when she gave me this beautiful hand made and hand sewn doll in my likeness and wearing my long blond braids.  For all this doll has been through she is in amazingly good condition.
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We are having beautiful Spring weather.  Lots of sunshine and blue skies.  Mr. C's grown son has just been here visiting for a week and it was so great to enjoy his company.
May you be enjoying your creative spirit and whatever makes you happiest...


  1. A lovely story about your doll but sittin here horrified to hear the episode of your beautiful hair. I always wanted long hair as a child but was never allowed. We always had pudding basin(literally) hair cuts and fringes cut straight across. Hugs Mrs A.

  2. That is so nice to have a doll from your childhood and not only a doll but one made with your own hair and with your color eyes. It is definitely an amazing doll. I am sure you cherished her then and are cherishing her now.
    Our weather here is horrible. We have had bad storms since friday night. They say they should be getting better by tomorrow.
    Glad to know that you are enjoying the family.

  3. Dear Sherry, what a terrrible experience for you 5 years old! I feel so sorry for you- knowing how it would be for my granddaughter today,if her mom did that. She also have very long hair!
    But what a treasure you have in the sweet doll, made for you and wearing your beautiful hair.
    I`m so happy for you, she is still by your side.

  4. Your doll is beautiful! I also had all of my hair cut off because of chewing gum. However, I do not have a beautiful doll with my braids attached. Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a beautiful doll, Sherry! Having your hair cut off like that must've been a terrible shock, but your poor mother was probably trying to get you off to school while keeping up with your little sisters at the same time. I remember sitting, squirming, screeching, etc. while my mother braided my hair too! She liked French braids so it took even longer than regular braids! Just think, though, you wouldn't have your lovely Sherry Ann if you hadn't had that hair cut! I'm so glad you have her to cherish!
    xoxo Jane

  6. Gosh Sherry, that episode with your hair being "brutally" cut off is a powerful experience for a child. I remember my first day at kindergarten for being put away from the others as they thought I had chicken pox.
    What a kind lady to make a doll for you to remember your hair.

  7. oh dear. But I also just know that although hurt, your loving and generous nature shines thru just as I see in the this very precious doll. Bless you, Sherry!

  8. Oh wow. I can sort of relate to the hair. I had long, long hair and my dad doesn't like long hair and he took me to his friend "for a trim" and told her to cut it off. I looked like a boy.

  9. PRICELESS...this would be my favorite keepsake, also. The amount of time and love that went into her is something - I'm glad the haircut was not wasted! :-) Happy Tuesday - Tanya

  10. I too had long braids. My mother would French braid it every morning before school. You must have felt so sad when that happened to you. I think that kind wonderful lady knew and was trying to heal your heart. What a treasure you have with that beautiful doll.

  11. I'm traumatized, and it didn't even happen to me! Arggh
    Other than that, I think I am speechless...so sad...but your doll is special and loved and beautiful, Sherry.

  12. Oh sweetie, what a precious doll!!! And such a wonderful heirloom...I love that she has your very own hair (even though the circumstances weren't so wonderful on how she got it!) but what a true treasure!!! I wish you could write a small story about her beginnings and pin it to the inside of her dress so she would always carry her history with her. hugs and love, Dawn

  13. Hello Sherry,
    What a sweet post! I love seeing this replica of you doll. I can't believe what your mom did to your gorgeous hair! But having the doll with your own hair is something you don't ever hear of.
    I too would cherish it.
    Thank you for sharing your memory.

  14. Sherry Anne is adorable! I love that she was lovingly created with your own hair. What a precious keepsake, my friend.

    Thanks so much for linking up to my MLM! I'm so glad you added a memory this month. I love strolling with my friends. <3


  15. What a absolutely beautiful and precious doll. I love her face and lovely braids. What a wonderful little childhood gift to have and cherish.
    Happy and fun day to you. Enjoy the sun.
    Hugs, Cory/Dogwood

  16. What a delightful story. I can not imagine having your hair cut off like that! I can imagine your poor mom struggling to tend to your hair, with you twisting and turning! Sometimes Mom's just have had all they can stand and they can't stand anymore....out come the scissors for an easy fix! I bet she felt so bad for cutting it once she saw what she had done.....
    Now to that doll, what an absolute treasure you have. So many memories that surround her. I can just see your sisters sneaking her out for a few minutes. The lady that made her took such time and care, what a heART!
    Thanks for sharing this with us.

  17. The story and the emotions it evokes are just as precious as the doll and all of its amazing details.

  18. What a special story!
    How fortunate you have as nice a keepsake as Sherry Ann.

  19. What a cherished keepsake Sherry.That she wears your own hair even more so! The lady who made it for you sounds like such a beautiful person. Creating treasures for children. She must have touched many lives!
    Hugs Lynn

  20. Oh goodness, that is a bitter sweet story,I can't believe your Mom did that! Things were different then! The doll thought is to sweet!

    I was able to use what was left over from the Fancy Flea in my booth and just spent two days getting my booth back in order.


  21. Hi Sherry, What an amazing story from your childhood. Your self doll is a darling and I love seeing your beautiful braids on her living on long after yours were cut off. I am so sorry you had to go through that. Your mother must have felt terrible after.
    What a wonderfu lady across the street from you with such talent and generosity to create so many wonderful dolls and to think with your hair too.
    I loved your story. You were beautiful then and still so today.

    Have a wonderful weekend sweet lady.
    XO Celestina Marie

  22. Awwww, what a sweet memory. I'm so sorry your were traumatized, I was traumatized when my daughter at the age of seven decided she wanted her long braids cut...into a 'short' cut.

    My hairdresser tried her best to talk my gal outta it but no go. She cut though daughter's beautiful braids and handed 'em to me.

    She's almost 34 and I still have 'em. What a great gift a doll like this would be for her. Thanks for the idea.

    God bless and have yourself a fantastic weekend sweetie!!! :o)

  23. Such a beautiful story SSD - about the old lady that is. This is such a co-incidence, but when I was little I had long hair (dark brown with little curls) and got chewing gum stuck in it - so my Mum also had my hair cut short and the hair style stuck for years and years.

    Your doll is so special being made specially for you, and with your actual hair! That is amazing! No wonder she is cherished and I bet that old lady made so many little girls happy, the detail on the doll is wonderful!

    Thanks for sharing x


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