Saturday, May 12, 2012

ATCs...Little Wonders

 I have now participated in two ATC (Artist Trading Cards) swaps through Kimberly of artJOYstuff.  The theme for May will be "Sew Many Flowers" and I am doing this one for certain.  With my love of flowers and sewing this will be a fun way to combine the two.  ATCs are very tiny...the size of a regular playing card.  2.5" x 3.5" and no larger or smaller.  They can never be sold...only traded.  The size is such a tiny venue yet there can be such detail and depth and creativity that I am totally amazed at the results.
This is the wonderful "surprise" package from the last swap.  The theme was "April in Paris".  It was a 6/6 swap.  Make and send in 6 ATCs and receive 6 ATCs in return.  Kimberly always adds a wonderful surprise element to the packages she sends out.
This is a tag that she made and it is fabulous.  The iconic Eiffel Tower denotes Paris, the flower sings April and Bonjour...Tres Chic.
Here are the six I received.  Each little ATC has such personality.  With the contact info on the back of each one I was able to thank each artist via blog or email.  I have even bookmarked new blogs so I can enjoy further creative endeavors from these talented ATC artists.
I would love to show you the ones I created, however I forgot to take photos of them.  I tend to make my batch all very similar rather than each one unique.  Somehow assembly line works better for me and I am able to get them done in a timely manner.  I know how many hours go into each little work of art and I simply adore them.  This tiny little venue is amazing.
I am in for the "Sew Many Flowers".  This time the swap is 3/3.  Please check out Kimberly's blog if you want to join in.  There is plenty of time still in May for making and sending 3 ATCs.  Note to self, I better get busy!
Spring is in full bloom.  The pollen is covering everything in a lovely pale yellow dusting.  Along with the Spring spider webs that drape and hang everywhere outside the pollen even decorates them into very interesting pieces of art.  Just don't breathe any of this soft yellow.  Clouds of pollen erupt when you walk or drive a black vehicle that has sat outside the garage even for a couple of hours.  This is an annual event however I hear the pollen is much worse this year due to our mild winter.  This too shall pass.  I merely pray Mr. C does not get his horrible pollen driven allergy that results in asthmatic bronchitis.   I also hope and pray I don't get my usual pollen driven sinus infection and bronchitis.  This is a very beautiful time of year but also a very dangerous time of year for breathing.  Sneezing and wheezing...
May you enjoy this Mother's Day weekend with family, friends and loved ones.  Anyone who nurtures another human or pet is special.  Celebrate them and yourself.
Creative Bliss to all...


  1. Dear Sherry, your ATC`S for the new flower swap,looks beautiful-
    I wish I had the time to participate also :-)
    And what wonderful Paric TAG`s you recieved -Yes- Kimberly alwayes makes something so beautiful to add,to the packages she send- love this one ,too.
    Hugs and a happy saturday to you dear friend.

  2. Yep, we're having quite a bit of stuff in the air around here, too, hard on our allergies. Beautiful ATC's...oh I LOVE that eiffel tower so much, they're all wonderful.

  3. What lovely little treasures. You and Mr. C need to sit inside , away from the yellow stuff and flip through all these great little ATC's. Happy Mother's Day!

  4. How lovely to receive such little delights in the post!
    Have a lovely Mother's Day.
    You're right, all of "mother" someone or something.

  5. Hi Sherry. Your ATC's are so pretty. Enjoy your swap and have fun with the sewing and flowers. I am sure this will be a great one. I can't seem to et myself to making them. They are so small I can't get anything on them. I love receiving them but can't make one for the life of me. LOL.
    Happy Mothers Day to you. Have fun with the family on your special day.
    Hope you and Mr. C don't get sick with the pollen. Hope it goes away soon.

  6. Hi Sherry, Oh I just love your ATC's and what you receive so wonderful.
    You are talented with everything you touch my friend. What an inspiration you are.

    Best wishes for a special weekend and wonderful Mother's Day.

    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  7. Beautiful little pieces of artwork! Each and every one - HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, SHERRY! Tanya

  8. You are the queen of creative bliss. That's decided. The queen. Wishing you a beautiful day and pollen safety, too!

  9. Love the beautiful cards-- ok- I did not know until just now what ATC stood for-- I'm so not with it! The cards are amazing-- so I'm asking-- what do you do with them all? Display them?? Do they have a purpose--- I'm SO dumb about this!!


  10. For the longest time, I didn't know what ATC stood for either, but figured it out sometime last year (along with moo cards :) It's a great way to give and receive -- a little bit of handmade artwork. Fun! Have a wonderful day. Tammy

  11. Kimberley's swaps sound like a lot of fun SSD and the package you received back last time looks wonderful! I'm tempted...

    Your Spring is sounding wonderful, I too hope you and Mr C stay safe.

    We have had a few days of glorious sunshine at last ... even managed to get the grass cut today!

    Hope you have a lovely week xx

  12. You Atc is gorgeous Sherry. I do so love that swap. I have to take a little brake during the summer, but I'll be back to swap over at Kimberly's. See ya there.

  13. So original! Love your ATC and all of them!! Hope you had a great mother's day as well...yes, I'm behind in blog reading!

  14. Your ATC is charming. The ones you received are great little works of art. Hope you are having a great week.

  15. I am doing an ATC swap on another blog which is a 1/1 swap on a monthly basis You get great swaps back. May is a busy month for me otherwiseI would be tempted with this one. Hugs Mrs A.

  16. WOW!!! These are beautiful ATC'S!

  17. You got some great ATCs! I don't see any of the same that I received. It was a fun swap for sure!
    xoxo Jane


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