Saturday, May 19, 2012

Stamp - Sew - Send...

Today I was able to use a great surprise gift I received from the lovely Lori of Pretty Things blog.   I had no idea what I was going to do with this handmade stamp but I adored it and the theme of it.  Handmade...that is what I do.  Sew...that is what I do.  Hearts...that is what I adore.  Thank you so very much Lori.
 I cut out some labels from scrapbook paper...the other side is quite pretty.  Then I stamped on the labels.  This stamp comes out exactly as it shows.  How cute is this?!!
Then I wrapped my little ATCs for the "Sew Many Flowers" swap in dressmaker pattern tissue.  Placed them into waxed baggies and went to my sewing machine.  I stitched the baggies closed and included my hand stamped labels.  The perfect combination.  Off they flew in the mail to Kimberly of artJOYstuff.
I have been able to spend some time in my studio lately and it feels so creative and fuels my soul.  Thank you  Merry Muse for not abandoning me while I was otherwise occupied.
Our weather is gorgeous even though the pollen continues at its worst.  I merely try not to breathe while I am outside.  Bahahaha...
I would like to thank and acknowledge my new followers.  Also thank you everyone for the wonderful comments you leave.  I am so blessed to have blogging friends!
May you each enjoy your weekend to the fullest...


  1. Oh! I LOVE that homemade sewing stamp!! It IS you! Love what you did with it, too, my sweet creative friend! Happy Saturday to you, Sherry!

  2. I have a very similar stamp that I bought years ago from prim artist, Nettie LaCroix - you will find plenty to do with it, my friend. Hope you're feeling better with each passing day - Tanya

  3. Sherry, dear ,you used this sweet stamp, in a most wonderful way, and so fitting for the swap tags. A great way to present every tag into its own waxed bag.
    Hope your week-end is lovely.

  4. No breathing. lol. Nice try. The stamp and your unique gift wrapping will be a specil treat for the swappers.

  5. You, too, Sherry! Happy creating!

  6. Hi Sherry! How pretty! I've just found your lovely blog, and I'm a new nice to "meet" you!

  7. What a cute stamp. I am sure you will be using it for alot of your projects.
    Have a great weekend. Our weather here is terrible. Rain, rain and more rain.

  8. So good your are back creating. Muses can be very patient you know. They know exactly when to keep in the background, and when they can show up again ;)
    I'm so glad you feel better, hugs,

  9. The tags are a perfect bonus to go along with your ATCs! P.S. I don't think it is healthy to not breath while outside *giggle*

  10. I love those! I hadn't thought of looking for a stamp to use on my quilt labels but this has inspired me. :) blessings, marlene

  11. This is such a cute stamp and idea, I love the ATC swaps. I am back from visiting my grandkids and had so much fun. Have a picture on the WOYWW post. Always love to have you visit. have to stay inside today. Making a mess of our newly owed and manicured lawn. Have a great week hope to do some crafting. Have an ATC swap next week with the WOYWW blog.

  12. That is a lovely stamp - and perfect for your creations! Your little baggies look delightful, I bet the recipients will love them too x

  13. I LOVE that sewing machine stamp! Hope I get one of your atcs. Now I know who sent last month's in the sewn waxed paper bags :)
    xox Jane


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