Thursday, May 24, 2012

Prayer Flag & Healing Hugs...

 I have been seeing lots of wonderful prayer flags made by very creative people here on the blog and Pinterest scene.  I wanted to make one however I just couldn't force myself to make one.  For me it cannot be trending and therefore I do it.  A prayer flag is so much more than that to me.  I had to have a very special reason to make one.  Sadly that reason and purpose came about.
My dear wonderful blog friend, Marilyn, (those of you who follow her blog will understand) is having a very difficult journey in her family.  I did not ask permission to post this so I am not going to share details.  You know if you are a follower of her blog.
So my prayer flag was begun.  I selected one of my favorite bits of fabric with the sweetest blue flowers.  Then I added lots of laces.  Some wool felt hearts for the love I am sewing into this flag.  A lace doily pocket to support notes of love and encouragement.  Heart buttons and a heart charm.
 It still needed my healing hugs.  I had these wonderful watercolor paper cards with words of hope and encouragement.  I made an ATC to include.  Also a small butterfly tag.  Butterflies are the bearers of 10,000 happinesses.
Here you can see my finished prayer flag with the special notes placed into the heart pockets.  I also added a little gold colored butterfly charm.  Whenever Marilyn sees this she will know that it is full of special prayers and healing hugs for her and her family.  
All wrapped up in pattern tissue and sealed with a lovely pink butterfly wall paper sticker that can be reused.  I included a hand written note you can see a corner sticking up.  Off it flew and has arrived safely to its new home.  May this simple prayer flag with its love and healing hugs help my friend be strong and keep her courage through this journey of uncertainty.
I know each of my followers will keep her and her family in their prayers also.  Prayers are very powerful!
As we approach this Memorial weekend may you all stay safe and enjoy time with family and friends.  I do not like to refer to Memorial day as a holiday.  Too many have suffered and lost their lives and none of it was a holiday for them.  Thank you to all those who continue to keep us safe and free.
Mr. C and I will spend some quiet time visiting with friends and enjoying a good old American BBQ picnic.  I will spend all day Saturday hosting the local Chamber of Commerce Visitor Center.  With the perfect Spring weather we have been experiencing I should have a record number of visitors and be super busy.  I do enjoy meeting people from all different places.  I am very proud of our little Gold Rush Victorian town that is on the National Historic Registry and I am happy to share it with others.
Blessings to all...


  1. Sherry what a wonderful caring and thoughtful gift. I had never heard of a prayer flag before. I'm sure it will give Marilyn much comfort!
    Its Beautiful
    Have a wonderful Memorial weekend.
    hugs Lynn

  2. A beautiful prayer flag. Blue is the colour of heavenly things. Blessings to you and your friend.

  3. I have never heard of a prayer flog...Yikkes, I feel like a bad catholic. It seems as if it is like a big card maybe with tons of extras. What do people do with them? Is this something new,or has it been around forever? It is awful sweet and a nice thing to do for someone, since you usually feel at a loss to help! Prayers to your friend!


  4. Your prayer flag is lovely, Sherry! Such a sweet and thoughtful gift, sure to help your friend through the rough time.
    xoxo Jane

  5. Well, you know I love your little Gold Rush Victorian town!

    The prayer flag is lovely, made with love straight from your heart to your friend Marilyn. There's nothing more powerful than love.


  6. Dear Sherry,
    Your prayer flag is so beautiful, -and more importent filled with your love and hopes for your friend- I know it will help her in the struggles she have.
    I wish you a lovely week-end dear.

  7. What a beautiful idea and your prayer flags your other comments I too have never heard of one. I'm sure it will be treasured forever . Hugs mrs A.

  8. This is lovely, I haven't yet seen these. I do think it is a wonderful idea. Unexpected mail, prayers and thoughtfulness are so nice when one is having some troubled times.
    Most take too much for granted.
    Enjoy your weekend, hoping for some great weather to make our little town events lots of fun.

  9. A beautiful, heart-filled gift! Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  10. A beautiful, heart-filled gift! Wishing you a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  11. How sweet of you to make this for a dear friend. I have never seen this before, but would definitely put it as a project I will definitely try.
    Have a safe weekend and enjoy the BBQ.

  12. Sherry you are so wonderful! So thoughtful of you to do this beautiful thing for her! That is why you are so blessed! Because you care and share with so many!!!
    Beautiful work. Enjoy your BBQ!

  13. I don't know I missed this post! Now I know another reason I have been missing you and thinking about you, Sherry, my dear. I LOVE your prayer flag, and the very notion of it, and meanings behind it. What could be more beautiful?! Happy weekend wishes to you and Mr. C.

  14. What a wonderful creation and gift Sherry. I agree that things such as this should be made from need and desire, not just a trending whim; that would lessen the healing powers I would think. And I sincerely hope it brings peace and healing to Marilyn and her family.

  15. What a wonderful gift for Marilyn. You are such a thoughtful person Sherry. I hope your weekend went well. I am spending it quietly in the garden watching baby birds take their first flight.(and weeding of course)!

  16. Your prayer flag is beautiful, thoughtful and full of love, I'm sure Marilyn appreciated it.

    Hope your weekend was good SSD xxx

  17. So beautiful and so very thoughtful!

  18. hey Sherry what a beautiful, caring and thoughtful gift. frankly speaking I had never heard of a prayer flag before. Its awesome.sherry one request to you please show your this creativity on photo mugs i am exited too see that.
    eagerly waiting for that.

    thanks in advance.


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