Thursday, May 17, 2012

Crochet, Knot, Finished...

 When I saw a similar necklace from my friend Elle of elleindacoop I knew I just had to make one.  Elle very kindly shared the how-to with me and off I went.  I have made several now as upcoming gifts.  This one I used a different type of ribbon yarn.  I love the vibrant colors.  This yarn is not as light and airy as the previous trellis or railroad yarn I had used.  However this necklace has more body to it.
From one ball of yarn/ribbon cut 3 strands each 76" long, 3 strands each 72" and 3 strands each 69".  On each of the strands you will begin about 12" from one end and single crochet a chain until you reach the other end with about 12" left untouched. Do this with each of the 9 strands.  Then take them all and tie a knot in one end just a couple of inches from the crocheting.  Drape them all together and tie another knot at the other end just a couple of inches from the crocheting.  Keeping the sides even.  You will have a nice drape from the different lengths that have been crocheted.
To finish off the necklace some people have merely tied a knot at the ends all together and then place it over their head to wear.  I prefer to use a magnetic clasp for ease of putting on and taking off.  I use ribbon crimp ends and split rings to attached to the clasp.  Experimenting with ending this type of necklace is the best for each person who is planning on making one.  Personal preferences always play a huge role in the finished result.  I already have lots of ideas for enhancing the next necklace I crochet.
Thank You Elle for sharing this technique with me.  I obviously like making them and seeing how the different yarns and ribbons turn out.  This is quite an easy and quick project.  I think mailing these will be very light and easy to send in a padded envelope.  Hmmm...checking my gift list.
What are you working on?  Any gifts to put into that holiday or birthday gift cupboard?  The one that is always too bare when the time is too short and we have to go buy something for someone.  I honestly prefer to make gifts with each recipient in mind.  I grew up in a family that made gifts and I believe the time and energy and love put into the gift is extra special when it is handmade.
Our pollen continues to cover everything in a yellow haze of toxic dust.  Today the weather was breezy, cooler and blue sky with white puffy favorite kind.  Mr. C and I worked in the backyard for the third day in a row and are nearing completion.  Oh dear...then it is the sides and front yards and pond repairs.
Wonderful weekend to each and everyone.  We have a fund-raiser to attend and it will be lots of run, cars and motorcycles show, spaghetti feed, live band, dancing and silent auctions.  All for someone who is in great need health wise with a young family to raise.   It warms my heart to have friends who drop everything to make this happen for someone else.  It will be quite the small community effort begun with just one wonderful kind and giving human soul.  May we all know the blessings bestowed by others...


  1. This is a beautiful necklace, Sherry! Thank you for sharing your technique. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Sherry, these are marvelous and you have done a very creative thing with the clasps. And, yes, mailing them should be a thrifty happening as they are quite light. I think they are perfect for elderly ladies who are frail but luv some glitter.

  3. Wow Sherry, this necklace is pretty the colours too!

  4. Your necklace is so pretty. What kind of yarn is this that you use. I think I have rolls of it in different colors. I bet these could be best sellers one day if only the one who invented them would patent them. The day one wears it every one else will do the same.
    Have a wonderful weekend at the fund raiser. Make sure to take lots of pictures to share.

  5. What a great necklace!
    I agree with you that handmade gifts are the best. I have always loved making the gifts I give, although that isn't always possible.

  6. Love this! Kara had a friend give her one for her birthday. Her grandmother taught her how to make them. So fun!

  7. Sherry, your necklace is just so pretty with those pops of colours in the blue. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. So prolific, you are, Sherry...another beautiful necklace finished. I just seemed to spin my wheels this week - Happy Saturday! Tanya

  9. So prolific, you are, Sherry...another beautiful necklace finished. I just seemed to spin my wheels this week - Happy Saturday! Tanya

  10. Beautiful! It's an eye-catching piece!

  11. This necklace is beautiful! What a show stopper.

  12. Very pretty! Love the colors!
    xoxo Jane


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