Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday Drive...

Nothing creative out of me this weekend.  I am sharing these photos of a scrapbook frame idea that I got from Mr. C's sisty.  I have wanted to make these as gifts but just haven't done so yet.
 Here is credit to the maker.
 As you can see the photos can be swapped out and changed with the seasons or reasons.    I shall keep these on my to-make list.
Now for the Sunday Drive...
This is Mr. C and his beloved Super Car.  This photo is actually from last October when we attended the Lotus Owners Group Convention in Las Vegas.
So Mr. C is constantly rebuilding and tuning this car as that is what makes him happiest.  No horsepower increase is ever too much.  If the transmission becomes too weak for the extra horsepower then you merely rebuild the transmission to be able to take the horses when they gallop.  Same with the clutch.  So Mr. C had just put this engine back together and started the car for the first time on Sunday while I was grocery shopping.  When I came home he said, "let's go for a drive".  I said, "already?!!"  I am not one who enjoys any drama with vehicles.  I love cars but I loathe car troubles.   If there is even a tiny hiccup I freak out!  Always have and always will as far as I am concerned.  Yes, I must go along on the shake down run because I am holding the super heavy computer that is connected like an umbilical cord to the car's brains.
And there is a very special driving sequence that Mr. C must perform to get the car to re-map properly.  Okay now I know I have lost you...
Well, we went for a drive and about halfway Mr. C saw smoke and decided we would turn around and come home.  Then the throttle stuck wide open!  I am not amused.  Thank goodness Mr. C knows how to react and come safely to a the freeway.  We continue home and leave the car for another day.  NO!!!
After a couple of hours we are off again for another test drive.  Can't I please just stay home?  NO!!!
Mr. C has fixed the throttle and all seems really well.  The car is blindingly fast and I am holding the computer.  Smoke?  Mr. C says, "I see smoke" and then he says, "I see a lot of smoke".  I turn my head and  I see FIRE!  FLAMES!!  Big flames just behind my head and in the engine.  Again, Mr. C is able to safely get off the freeway and pull into a driveway of a Chevron station.  I run inside to ask for a fire extinguisher.  The woman is a complete panic and disappears and never returns with one.  Instead she called the fire department.  I see one on the wall and some guy from outside helps me get it.  The crowd has gathered.  I have no camera.  My wonderful Mr. C has gotten a hose and poured water on the fire and it is out.
The car is drawing lots of attention for its good looks and exotic stance.
Up roars the full size fire truck with sirens screaming.  Next the fire chief arrives.  A police car with officer arrives.  The fire is out so all the cute guys had to do was get our personal information and put out some kitty-litter drying material.  They did see that the fuel line had burned through and was leaking fuel so the fire chief got his vise grips to clamp it off.  Both the fire department and the police officer offered to call AAA for me as I had my card out in plain sight.  Unfortunately they are not able to do so because of some rule.  So I make the call and in about 20 minutes the flatbed tow truck arrives.  Getting such a low profile car onto the flatbed was quite the ordeal.  The truck driver was terribly grouchy as he had a horrible toothache and didn't feel well.  Fortunately the firemen were all able to help Mr. C lift the car's front end to clear the drag onto the bed of the truck.  Whew!  Goodbye adorable cute very young firemen.  Thank you for all of your help and care and concern.  Thank you Mr. Police officer for your help and concern.  A very special thank you to Mr. Fire Chief who drove me home the 2 miles and who had given me a bottle of cold water to drink.  Mr. C rode with grouchy.
It was a lovely Sunday and we met the nicest local guys who were so helpful and caring.
I feel really bad for  Mr. C, however the car is not super bad off.  He merely has to do a lot of rebuilding and fine tuning once again.  It will take a while as the special fuel lines are not available here in the states at this time.  This is his summer enjoyment car and it looks like no driving it for quite a while.  He so loves this car.
This has been a difficult year for us so far but we are both so fortunate and thankful that nothing major is in the mix.  Yesterday could have been a total disaster yet here we are to enjoy another day.
I will be baking some cookies later this week to deliver to the local fire station and headquarters.
It is good to be safe and secure at home.  May you each have a wonderful week of enjoyment...


  1. My goodness, Sherry! You and Mr. C are quite the pair! I have to admit to being less than impressed when my Rooster gets me involved with his projects. I was 'dribbling' gas into a carburator while he tried the ignition and well, dribble became a pour and the truck had serious flames! sheesh! But he still keeps asking for my help! lol Glad to see you are off on another interesting week!

  2. Hi Sherry,
    So happy to hear that something that could have been so much worse, wasn't.
    You are too sweet to be baking cookies for your rescuers!
    FYI, your ATCs arrived today.
    enJOY a lovely evening,

  3. Don't you love cute firemen! So glad to hear Mr. C and you are ok, and that the car will live to drive again, another day! Could have been so much worse, I'm sure! Happy Monday - Tanya

  4. So glad you're both safe. If Mr. C is so good with motors, might he want to come fix our lawn mower??


  5. Sounds like a lot of work but as long as that is what he's all worth it in the end :)

  6. My what an adventure you had, gives a whole new meaning to a Sunday afternoon drive. Be safe!

  7. Hello Sherry. oYou definitely had an interesting weekend. Lots of drama. So glad to know that you and Mr.C are both fine and no one was hurt.
    Hope Mr. C can rebuild his car soon.
    Happy Tuesday to you and hope to see some of your great creations soon. I have not had any mojo or desire to craft. I have not even posted in my blog. I think its because I have so much to do around the house and yard all day and then at night I watch all the basketball games. I do plan on going to a crop this friday. Hopefully I will get something done.

  8. Yikes! What a day. So glad all turned out okay, though the car does need much work. Mr. C might not be able to drive it over the summer, but working on it will certainly keep him busy. Have a great week. Tammy

  9. Oh my! What a terrible ordeal! Poor Mr C.
    Like you, I hate any car hick up. I just want them to run smoothly.

  10. I know it was scary but I had to laugh. So typically male! Blessings, Marlene

  11. Sherry your story is sad but you had me in stitches the way you wrote it. You really should be a writer. I felt like I was right there with you.Yes the firemen are so young and soooo cute these days. Cookies!What a sweet idea. You always see the bright side of things. I so enjoyed my visit today!

  12. I have absolutely no doubt that the firemen and the policemen were totally LOVING responding to Mr. C and his Lotus!!! That was probably the highlight of their month! Plus, he KNOWS so much and had a computer hooked up to the drive system etc etc. That is total man chest-thumping activity. Throw in a fire and potential danger and I'm sure the testosterone flow was off the charts! Of course, they had to rescue a beautiful damsel in distress as well...makes their chests puff out even more.

    I have got to tell Jack this story. He's going to flip when he here's Mr. C has a Lotus. I'm afraid if you lived down the street he'd be hanging around...and you baking cookies would seal the deal for his never leaving your doorstep Glad you are OK and it wasn't anything more serious. Next time maybe you should wear a crash helmet and fire protective clothing. I'd be a little skittish the next time Mr, C asked me to go for a Sunday drive...

    Maybe you could buy a guinea pig??

  13. Loved how you wrote about your ordeal in such a humorous light!! Especially liked the line: "Mr. C rode with grouchy." And taking cookies to the fire station will give you the opportunity to look at cute young firemen :)

  14. Wow SSD, that was a day of excitement! Thank goodness you are both OK - and at least you had some nice young men in uniform to look at!

    Sounds as though Mr C is going to be kept busy with all the re-building needed ..... that must mean more craft time for you - yay!!!

  15. Oh my gosh, that had to be so frightening, seeing flames and smoke coming from the car. So glad you and Mr C. are all o.k . and the car ,well it will give him something more to play with! LOL
    I'm sure you made the Fire departments day with your homemade cookies!
    hugs Lynn

  16. OMG, how did I miss this! You had me on the edge of my seat, I could see you running in for the fire extinguisher...And the cute guy's...Glad all turned out pretty OK!


  17. Goodness, that was some Sunday afternoon drive, Sherry! I would've been scared out of my wits, but you found the humor in it - at least in the retelling.
    I'm sure the cute firemen and others will be so happy to receive your cookies!
    Rest up - another weekend's coming!
    xoxo Jane


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