Monday, May 7, 2012

Yes, I Have No Needles...

Have you ever wanted to begin a new project based on inspiration you see on other people's blogs?  Yes, I do.  I was seeing some beautiful embroidery and did not know the name.  Chikan embroidery.  Here is Anita's blog link to see her beautiful work.  I have always loved doing needlework.  I was a child of the sixties and there wasn't anything that didn't get some sort of peace symbol embroidery added to it.  
So I signed up for Anita's free Chikan embroidery lessons.  I printed out the instructions.  Fabric...check.  Hoop...check.  Thread...check.  Embroidery needles number 8 and 6...oops...nope.  I went shopping locally and found nothing.  So I searched my stash of needles.  My goodness is this box full of needles?  
 It is labeled as such and therefore it must be.  Meanwhile I bought this pack of needles as I was told it would work.  Do these people even know what I am asking for?  I think you know how I am feeling about shopping local these days.  They just don't have what I need and using an alternative might not be the best.
Now this is a fine assortment of needles and needle threaders.  I am quite in awe of the different types and sizes.  Some of these are from my grandmother's sewing days.  Some are from my mother's sewing days.  Some are from my days of pinching pennies and buying very cheap supplies.  Oh how I love to travel down memory lane.  I am so sentimental.  Focus.  Now what am I looking for?
 And when I was putting all the needles back into the box feeling sad that I didn't have exactly what I needed for my newest project Chikan embroidery Aha!  This tiny little package appeared.  This must be quite old by the price on it...19 cents.  Some of the needles are missing.  I don't know a 3/9 but at least 8 and 6 are between 3 and 9.  Will these work?
Then I went to the thread bin and oh yeah...lots of embroidery threads in lots of colors.  
So I gathered my supplies and that is as far as I got.  Why can't I start this project?  What is holding me back now?  Maybe I just lost my inspiration.  Anita is a wonderful teacher.  I have seen several of my blog friends complete their pieces of art.  How beautiful each of theirs turned out.  Maybe I shall wait until I get bitten again by the needle and thread urge to try something new.  Anita thank you for being so patient.
For now all my time is being utilized outdoors in the pollen pulling weeds.  This is an endless painting the Golden Gate Bridge.  Once you get to one end you turn around and begin painting all over again.  I certainly have no lack of wonderful weeds to keep me busy and entertained.  Other than getting up and down it is quite therapeutic and relaxing.
May your week be wonderful and filled with joyful endeavors...


  1. Hey Sherry.
    Love this post. Too funny. We always find what we need in our stashes, we just need to be patient. I go through the same thing, go out and buy what I needed only to realize when I put back what is left that I had it all along. I am sure you will get your mojo back soon to start the project.
    Have fun pulling weeds. That is my job around here. I tell my husband he stinks at it, but he tries to help because he hates seeing my fingers get dirty. I have about 40 pairs of gloves all colors but can't seem to use them. I can't pull weeds from the root with them out. I like to dig my fingers deep in the soil and pull them. LOL.
    Happy monday to you.

  2. Oh, Sherry, absolutely. Happens to me all the time and I also have old, new and even some supplies I can no longer identify. ;^)

  3. I can't wait to see your embroidery! Glad you found the needles.

  4. Now I am traveling down memory lane! My grama K. Taught me how to all kinds of needlework, and her stash of hoops, needles, floss, thread, yarns, etc was enough to fill a shop. I wish I had them all now. I used to LOVE doing needlepoint and embroidery... Maybe some day I will get back to it. I can't wait to see yours! I have never heard of that name/ type before... I love your needle collection! My grama would be proud!

  5. Your post made me giggle.I have a needle box like this.Have loads of fun with your embroidery!I'm keen to see what you make with it.
    Weeding is very satisfying.You sure can see results for all that work.
    Have a good week dear Sherry.

  6. Glad you found t he needles, Sherry, even though your stitching mojo is taking a little holiday. I'm sure it'll be back, soon, and then I wish you many wonderful hours of Happy Stitching!

  7. Oh it is the gathering of all the supplies that is the most fun part. All the anticipation and inspiration flowing....then it fizzles out. I am on the last step of that class and I cannot get it finished!

  8. Well, I would be totally ready to dump that local store, come on....needles, who opens a store without and vast array of needles!!!! Well, glad you found the ones you needed. You just amaze me, you go from trying one craft to another, I can't wait for your finished piece! Oh and me and the Fancy Flea, my son is getting married in November when the next flea is, so I can't be a vendor...I get to be a shopper YEA!


  9. It looks as if that box is bursting. Too funny, just know you're not alone, we've all been there.

  10. I admire your sewing so much! I have an antique sewing kit that was my grandmother's actual sewing kit, and I admire it often, but can not sew anything! I even bought a tiny pink sewing machine that I think is for children to learn on and I can't even do that! It took me (literally)2 weeks to figure out how to do the bobbin! I had to watch several youtube videos! AND, in the end, it was Carl that got it!! Now, I can't get the tension right, so either the thread breaks, or is too loose. ugh. I gave up weeks ago, but I might try again soon????
    You will make great things when you are ready!! You should be relaxing! Feet up, sewing in hand!

  11. Funny...I have tons of needles and thread and no sewing talent whatsoever. I can do quick fixes on clothing, but I've always wanted to learn how to sew properly. I have a goal to make a baby quilt..,maybe one day I will seriously pursue it. I'm really good at gathering all of the supplies - but not really following through on a project.

    I also wanted to say that I received one of your ATCs from the April in Paris swap. It was very interesting to see the different interpretations of the theme...and the different art forms used. I feel so inspired! It's funny - I made a Doris Day trading card, and the ATC I received from you reminded me of a poster I saw of the movie she played in with the same title.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  12. That's a lot of needles you have there SSD - I like looking at the really old packaging of sewing supplies. Good luck with your embroidery project. As you say, at least when you're ready to start you'll have everything to hand.

    Weeds? No, don't mention weeds, with all the rain we're having here at the moment they're sprouting up everywhere ... but it's too wet to go outside and pull them up (wonder how long we can use that excuse for - lol).

  13. Sometimes I just get sidetracked with all those vintage goodies , maybe thats the case here too?
    that bug will bite again I'm sure!
    hugs Lynn

  14. This is so funny Sherry, I love it!
    i have a jumble of needles like that too and when I want one, look often I found every kind but the one I want.
    With a job like weeding as your alternative, you'd think the creative urge would come back pretty quickly!

  15. Whenever I see a project like the chikan embroidery one, I like to watch everyone else do it. That way I learn and feel like I DID stitch it, even though I didn't. maybe that's what you're you already stitched it by seeing everyone else do it already. Been there done that. I never have regrets about partially started learned something from the learned about your needles...and perhaps that was all you were supposed to get out of it?

  16. This is just too, too funny! Don't you love finding all these things stashed away? Lots of needles there!
    xoxo Jane

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