Monday, May 28, 2012

Vintage Crocheted Clown...

 This is such a cute clown.  He is vintage now.  My Grandma crocheted him at least 40 years ago.  I was cleaning the guest room and found him up on the closet shelf.  I was so happy to find him I shed tears.  I remember Grandma crocheting him just for me (or was it for my daughter...her granddaughter?).  My favorite peacock colors of blues and greens variegated into one another.  For now I shall keep and claim him...after all possession is in my favor.  :o)
Grandma's stitches are each so precise.  She was always crocheting or knitting or sewing or beading something wonderful.  I learned how to crochet from her.  Grandma was left handed and I am right handed. She would have me sit across from her to watch and if looking in a mirror.  Very smart I would say.  I did learn to crochet and have never regretted knowing how.  This clown's head is yarn crocheted over a styrofoam ball.  His legs and arms are a twisted stitch I cannot remember how to do but as Grandma would crochet...all the spirals would magically fall into place.  His body is crocheted and stuffed with fiberfill.  Each little tuft of hair and his bright red nose is a pom-pom ball Grandma would make by wrapping yarn around a piece of cardboard just the right size for what she needed.  His eyes and smiley mouth are stitched onto the white face.  To top it all off is a tiny little crocheted hat sitting on his head.
This is a very happy clown and I just adore him.   It is always such a pleasure for me to have something Grandma handmade.  I am so very sentimental and I still miss her.  These silly little "toys" make me happy.
I am linking this to Donna's Memory Lane Monday on Brynwood Needleworks blog.  Thank you for sharing this memory with me.
May you each have a wonderful week ahead as we complete May.  I am hoping to find time to play...


  1. Your Grandma would have had a wonderful time with my grandma! Mine would crochet toys, too, and she taught me how to crochet! My grandma crocheted a white soft kitty for me. I had it on my bed for years...I slept with it and talked to it through the lonely times... I wish I still had it. I don't know what happened to it. Memories... Your clown is so very special.

  2. Lovely memory Sherry. It doesn't really matter what the object is, it's the value we place on them.I have a little plastic duck of dad's that he had as a child.It's just a funny little duck, but it is more special to me than anything.
    Have a good week Sherry.
    Judy x

  3. what a wonderful item to come across in a closet, then to have all the lovely memories return with it.To think your gramma's hands held and created this must be so special for you, I have never heard of a prayer flg, I think its a love ly idea.
    I have to say I just love the name and concept of your blog, thats my kind of thing for sure, I love it!

    Thankyou so much for your kind words and for visiting me, I will very much enjoy following you,

  4. It is pretty cute, Sherry. My Granny only did doilies.

  5. what a precious memory to find as you're rummaging through your closet! this little clown sure is a cutie! my grandma crocheted a blanket out of every color of yarn that was available in the store! every time i wrap it around me it's like getting a big warm hug from her! memories are contagious, you know, because after reading about yours, you helped me to remember a really special thing, too! thank you, precious! xoxo

  6. It is so lovely to have such wonderful memories. I have a couple of crocheted tablecloths my Mom made for me years ago and can't help but think of her.

  7. So loved that you shared this memory with us. I think I would of cried to if I had found something like this made by my grandmother.
    My mama did not crochet but I learned from an Aunt.
    Have a great week and so glad you came by for a visit today

  8. What a wonderful memory. They warm the heart.

  9. Such lovely memories that cute little clown is holding for you! I think she crocheted it for you, of course, with the idea you'd pass it on to your daughter someday. Hold him close!
    xoxo Jane

  10. What a find! It is in such great shape, now, me and clowns...not so much LOL! I would treasure it though if it was hand stitched by my grandmother. Thank you for following Laurie, it was interesting, as all of my friends that I thought had big hearts did not disappoint, and some surprised me by following her, she is a treasure the kind of person I would love to sit down and have a cup of coffee with, even better...the 3 of us could have a cup!


  11. Dear Sherry:
    What a wonderful story to share on MLM! My grandma loved to crochet, too, and we spent time together with crochet hooks in hand. She taught me how to make the granny square cardigan and loved showing me something she'd made and say, "Now, do you know how I did this?" She was always tickled when I could tell her I knew her technique.
    Thanks for sparking another lovely memory.
    Have a great week, dear friend.

  12. How wonderful, Sherry, that you found the clown your grandmother crocheted. It is absolutely adorable and certainly not silly at all. It is a treasure. Have a great week. Tammy

  13. This is so very Lovely. What a great find, and so wonderfully wrought by your Grandma...Thanks for sharing, Robin

  14. Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog. I know doubt is apart of the process...wish it wasn't so defeating at times. Big hugs, Robin

  15. Thank you for sharing your clown and precious memories with us. I learned how to crochet with my grandmother when I was 13. She didn't crochet any dolls but I do have some of her doilies which I use and cherish.

  16. It is so lovely to have such wonderful memories. I have a couple personalised photo books in which i have stored my so many memories of lifetime.


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