Friday, May 4, 2012

Cars to Crocheting...

 Anyone who knows me or has been following my blog knows I LOVE cars.  The rarer the more I love them.  I can honestly say I am a car whore.  I always have been but only now that I am in my senior years is it okay to admit it.  This past Wednesday Mr. C and I drove to our little town about 10 am to see any cars that where to stop by on their way to Napa.  This is the California Millie Miglia and I was excited.
I did see two cars that I had never seen before in all the shows I have attended.  This top photo is a 1935 Lagonda and it was amazing.  Mr. C can be seen talking with the owner and I was surprised at his youthful age.  He was quite pleasant and willing to share the details of his unique car.
 This is another first for me to see.  A 1959 BMW 507.  Very rare indeed.  Did I say there were amazing cars and drivers who kindly stopped and talked with us?  These cars are very rare and very expensive.  We saw at least two dozen but I didn't take photos of them all.  Mostly I was standing with my mouth dropped open is awe...or I was waving to the drivers as they drove by either looking to park or leaving for their next destination.  The cars where unbelievable and it was a couple of hours of pure enjoyment.  The weather was perfect...sunny and light jacket cool.  
Someday you may find me as the town greeter just standing on a corner waving to anyone and everyone...kind of like the one you may have seen in Laguna Beach years ago.  He just beat to a different drum if you know what I mean.
Now for the crocheting...I have made a couple more of the crocheted necklaces.  I wore the first one I made and it was a dream...lightweight and just the right pop of color and interest.  I got lots of compliments.

My photo skills are truly lacking as the colors are not true.  The first necklace is more red and black.  This one is a beautiful grey and blue and silver.  These will be perfect gifts for mailing as they weigh nothing.  I finish mine with ribbon ends and magnetic clasps for ease of putting on.
Our weather turned back to cold, dreary, grey and rainy drizzly Thursday and today.  I like the rain for my plants but why is it so cold again?  I hear sunshine is in order for this weekend and next week.  Yay.
I am catching up with laundry and house chores after having company for eight days.
Now I shall find some time to play in my studio and sewing room.  After is my 2012 word.
Blissful Creating to each and everyone...


  1. What gorgeous cars! My brother is really "into" the old cars and has restored a few.
    I have a friend who is making necklaces similar to those. Yours are gorgeous!

  2. You would make a wonderful greeter. I'm so glad you havd had a wonderful day. Those necklaces are indeed gorgeous.

  3. What a great day to go to Napa!! or any6where oin the wine country. You reminded me of two things: 1) I need a trip to Dean and DeLuca, and 2) how I wish we had a sportscar again. How old can you be and own a corvette??? have a nice day! Laurel

  4. Sounds like a great time, what cool cars! Your necklaces look beautiful I bet they're even more amazing in person!

  5. Ohhhhhh!! I LOVE old cars tooo!!! These two are sooooo beautiful! I would love to own something like this and polish it everyday!! In my dreams! What gorgeous necklaces too, so chunky looking but lightweight as you say. Oh, what a fabulous word you have chosen for 2012. I think I would choose that every year. LOL! keeleyxx

  6. Love your crocheted pieces! and on the rare cars! You car, hussy you :) LOL!

  7. A car whore - LOL, so funny SSD! Glad you had a lovely day and saw some great cars.

    Your crocheted necklaces are beautiful, they look like scarves, but lighter, it's not surprising you received some lovely compliments on the one you wore.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend and get to do some crafting once all the chores are out of the way.

    .... oh, and guess what? It's not raining today (yet!) xx

  8. I feel like I would have to wear a "Batgirl" outfit to ride in that gorgeous car.
    I am loving your necklaces especially the red one. You do the most amazing things.
    Our weather has turned very cold and rainy although they say ther is hope starting tomorrow. I sure hope so. Have a wonderful weekend.

  9. So glad you are having so much fun and enjoying each day to its fullest. Love those over-the-top cars and your creations are lovely.
    Enjoy this beautiful, sunny weekend.
    Hugs, Cory/Dogwood

  10. The 59 BMW reminds me of a Triumph Spitfire that I had. I would get notes left on it all the time. Oh, to be 26 again.....
    The necklaces are neat and I bet they are so comfortable to wear. Really nice for year round wear too.

  11. It sounds like a wonderful day, spending time looking at things you enjoy. It has been a while since my husband and I have taken time for a day like that. I love your crocheted necklaces. I am drawn to the blue and gray one but they are both beautiful.

  12. I can just see you grinning from ear to ear and waving to everyone all day long. I'm not much into cars but my hubby was born in '59. :) Love those necklaces! Great for the summer rather than a scarf! Wishing you a great new week. Tammy

  13. BEAUTIFUL cars- and a great day for you dear Sherry-
    Your necklaces looks beautiful, and gives wonderful colour to the black back ground,like here, but surely also to many other colours!
    Hugs,from Dorthe


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