Tuesday, May 15, 2012


 This is something so simple that I wish to share.  Sometimes sharing brings even better ideas and ways of doing something so simple and I welcome comments and techniques.  I had occasion to use some flower buttons and wanted to tie them with string before gluing them.  So I threaded a needle and "sewed" all of the buttons onto my string.
 Now when I tie the string the only waste I have is a tiny little piece from the cut side of the string.  The long side goes back to the spool as I move the buttons along and tie them off.  I used to do each button one at a  time and that was very time consuming and wasteful.  Henry Ford really knew best with his assembly line production.  Thank you Mr. Ford.
 Here is a sneak peak using my buttons on ATCs for the "Sew Many Flowers" May swap.
 We are in the height of pollen season with all the pine, cedar and oak trees that surround us in this beautiful country.  Here is a photo of a supposed to be black truck that sat out for the day.  Mr. C is a fuel injection and carburetor guru so we have an extra vehicle right now that he is working on for the owner. We normally fit 4 vehicles into our 3 garages but certainly 5 do not fit, especially when they are trucks.
 I am impressed with this artistic patterning that the flying spiders make all over the truck and walkways and trees and open spaces and then how the pollen attaches to the webbing and makes such a great look.   Mind you I have not really seen the flying spiders however they must be able to fly because some of their web strings are in mid air and span 30 feet.  Amazing.  Some of the web strings shine rainbow colors when hit with the sunshine.  The red web strings are the most beautiful.
If I were to get in my truck and drive there would literally be a giant cloud of pollen flying off all the way down the driveway and onto the road below for a mile or so.  The ground is covered with the pollen and I have learned the hard way...do not sweep it as it rises right into my breathing path.  If you hose it off with water you get rivers of yellow that run deep.  This is a yearly occurrence however it is said that the pollen is worse this year due to the mild winter we had.
On a personal note:  I had my left kidney stone surgery yesterday and I am happy to say all is well.  No complications and no stent so I am very relieved.  Thank you to each and every one who wished me well and said prayers.  I believe in the power of prayers and I know they really helped me get through this.  The stone is being analyzed so I can find out if there is something I can change in my diet or lifestyle that will mitigate further stones including the larger one I have in my right kidney at this time.
Now I feel like I can get back to my normal life.  I had lost all energy due to the exhaustion of such intense pain.  I had no creative mojo at all due to the extreme tiredness I felt every day.  I wasn't walking or doing my beloved Zumba for the past 6 weeks.  It will be so good to get back in my groove next week.
My mind has been busy and I have been reading.  Now to get into the studio and sewing room.
Thank you my dear blog friends and followers.  I am truly grateful for each and every one of you.


  1. Oh, I hate pollen season - flying spiders and all! I have a huge pine in our front yard, and my car gets covered just from that. Hope you're feeling better with each passing day - Tanya

  2. Hi Sherry, very glad to hear there were no complications with your kidney stone removal and that you're beginning to feel better. Thanks for the neat flower button spool tip. Liked all your pollen and web pics. Pollen season and spider webs haven't hit here yet but I can definitely relate. Take care :)

  3. Great tip. I've never seen anything like that pollen. Amazing. I'm glad you are on the mend and off to zomba up some creativity!

  4. Your button idea is so clever! Thank you for sharing!

  5. All of that pollen must make everyone sooo miserable goodness, I have never seen anything like that! Kidney stones, yep I had them for years (Ouch) and had surgery to remove them with stone baskets. I have not had one now for 14 years, once I figured out what was causing them. Mine were calcium oxylate, caused by an over abundance of calcium. I also had heartburn a lot, I was in sales and it was stressful so, I was popping rolaids like candy...They are full of calcium! I quit the rolaids and never had another stone. I hope you can find a quick fix too


  6. So thankful and happy that your kidney stone adventure is now behind you and that all went well- such a blessing.

    Ok- I'm pretty impressed with the button idea!!

    That pollen is pretty impressive! Ugh---


  7. Sio glad you are over the surgery now. What a pinful, and uncomfortable time you have had, what with the kidney stone pain, and the pollen allergy.
    I have found a (for me), wonderful "cure" for sinus/allergy troubles. My Physio took it for a week before he had to fly to India, and had very little trouble with his sinus,.he is a chronic sufferer.
    The Olive Leaf extract is FAB!!Worth a try?

  8. I am so glad that your surgery went well and you are doing well. Now back to zumba. I have wanted to take some classes but not had the courage to get my butt out there.
    The buttons idea is great. I had never thought of it. I I have wasted so much string, yarn and ribbon. But no more thanks to your post.
    I really like what you have done so far on your ATC's. Super cute.
    I have never seen pollen this way. That is incredible. We have tons of spider webs here as well. They really are beautiful when the sin light hits them. But I must confess I do pull them apart. They are always in my way when doing yard work. I hate them in my hair.
    TFS. ANA

  9. Sherry so glad all went well with your kidney surgery. Yes pollen is on the loose here too. Everything is a shade of yellow.
    You are so clever. I think ol' Henry Ford would be proud of you!!!

  10. That's wonderful news your surgery went so well! Wishing you a full, speedy recovery, and I hope you're soon filled with creative mojo! Hugs

  11. Just found your blog from Aralia Jane's post. I participated in Kimberly's last few ATC swap...so much fun. I can't believe you are almost done with the next one. I am just getting my thinking cap on!

  12. Hope you're continuing to recover quickly, I can't even believe that pollen, oh my! makes my nose itch just to look at it. :)

  13. Hi Sherry,
    So happy to hear that you are doing so well after your surgery.
    Love the little peek at your latest ATCs.
    enJOY a sweet day,

  14. I am so happy to hear your surgery went well!!! I didn't know you had one in the other kidney too. It's good to hear it isn't doing the same things and causing the same pain.
    It is so nice to get back to a "normal" routine again! I have not been able to do my chair yoga since spring break! Because we used no snow days this winter (first time in history) the kids had to get those days off still! So I hear, they are only allowed to go to school for 180 days, and we get 10 snow days a year. We almost always go over! So, the boys have been off a day here, 2 days there, for months. Can't wait for school to be over!! I believe then I will FINALLY be able to get back to my routine too (i hope?)
    Enjoy your Zumba and crafting!!! Those ATC's are looking awesome!

  15. Dear Sherry,
    so good news that the surgery went well, I`m happy for you, that pain and tirednes now dissapered,and you can go back to normal activity.

    I can`t imagine so much pollen and those flying spiders doing all that work on the car-WOW looking a bit like a monster moovie,lol.
    And Sherry, ,thanks for the great advice with the buttons, that is really a good way of saving thread,dear friend.
    Hugs and happy week-end.

  16. I see that the pollen is just as bad in your neck of the woods, if not worse!
    I'm so glad you're feeling up to blogging after surgery. That can't have been comfortable. Take care of yourself!

  17. Yay! I am so happy for you that all went well and you are ready to slide back into your "normal" days. Chronic pain is so debilitating, and I am sure you feel like a million right about now.
    Soon the pollen will be over and all will truly be well.
    And I am so glad you got your mojo back back - yeah baby!

  18. I'm so happy that your kidney stone surgery went well. Fingers crossed that you don't have to go through that ever again. :-)

  19. I'm so glad it went well and you're feeling better!

    And our pollen is quite as bad as yours but it's close!

  20. Your strung buttons look great SSD and from what I can see of your ATC, it looks fabulous!

    I'm so glad to hear your surgery went well and I hope you will be able to make use of the analysis regards diet etc.

    Take care xx

  21. Love the button tip! Hope you're continuing to feel better and better - in spite of that pollen!
    xoxo Jane


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