Thursday, May 10, 2012

Peace and Plenty...

I have been struggling with making my Farmer's Wife Quilt Along (FW QAL) blocks. I certainly do not need to make them all because my wall hanging is not the size of a king size quilt.  So now I am being very selective as to the actual blocks I am making.  First I select the block from my book.  Then I make certain I have the Marti Michell (MM) template for ease of cutting and sewing.  And my favorite part...selecting my fabrics.  Here I have chosen my focal floral which I love and my favorite blue which I love.  
 This is the template from MM Set A.  This is the only template needed for this block.  You can see it is small as it is sitting on a 4" x 6" canvas which is also the size of a standard postcard.  Very small. Sew to make a finished 6" square I cut 16 of my floral and 16 of my blue.  They are pretty easy to cut with a rotary cutter...just be very careful and do it slowly.  Accuracy is the key to this cutting and sewing of tiny little pieces.
Here is my finished but not yet trimmed block. I find great difficulty still in sewing the little pieces together to get the right finished arrangement.  I did have to un-stitch one part as my pyramids were upside down.  I also see I have a gap on one of the meeting of the points however I am electing to leave it as a reminder of my learning phase.  This block is titled Peace and Plenty.  I agree it took me lots of peace/patience and plenty of time but I am thrilled with the end result.
This FW QAL challenge is a good one for me.  I am realizing what I like and I am knowing that I have choices.  This is also a good lesson for life.  Hmmm...
One block at a time...
Our Spring is in full growth explosion and the pollen is raining yellow down on everything.  It is also raging allergies for those of us who are prone to be affected.  Funny thing is that Mr. C and I never had this allergy until 7 years of living here with the pollen.  That seems to be the magic gestation period.  Now we both have massive symptoms and misery with the pollen each year.  However living here in this beautiful land far outweighs the "short" pollen season.  At least that is what we choose to believe.
May you be creating to your heart's content...


  1. Often times we see small quilt pieces and think, "No trouble, I can whip that up, quick!"....Not so. I find that the smaller the pieces the longer it takes. I too love the blue you have chosen.

  2. Imagine if all of a sudden I had an allergy to dust. I'd be in big, big, big trouble around here. :/ Your block is great. Definitely takes patience, which I don't seem to have anymore. I can see why you would want to do the chikan embroidery, too. very pretty. I have an aversion to patterns and things that take much practice. Hope your day is great. Tammy

  3. You're doing a wonderful job of your blocks SSD, and your chosen fabrics are so rich looking and fabulous.

    Happy gardening xx

  4. Yes, selecting fabric is my very part of quilting. You are doing very well with staying accurate. Too bad about the pollen.I see it all over the place up here as the trees bud out.

  5. Sherry what a lovely patchwork pattern and gorgeous fabric ! And I love your needle box and everything in it being a sewer from way back.
    Hugs and Happy Spring days,
    PS the pollen too will pass!

  6. Impressive for sure! I have to admit, I have always had an extremely difficult time following any kind of pattern. You have a lot of patience! I love your colors and patterns!

  7. Your block looks wonderful! Is that a saphire blue? Love it!

  8. Sorry about the pollen overload! That is miserable. I think your block looks great and yes leave it not perfect so you can look back and watch your growth. I don't quilt, but whenever I am picking fabrics,,,,It takes me forever!!


  9. Hi Sherry, sorry about the pollen.Must make life difficult for a few weeks.
    You should be proud of your blocks!!Great colour choices.

  10. Hi Sherry, I can't wait to see the finished quilt. I do so wish I could quilt, maybe some day? I would think my fav part will also be picking the material. I love floral print. Have fun with thi new project.

  11. You have such patience Sherry. Don't think I have it in me! A beautiful quilt piece.
    Hope your over those allergies soon.
    hugs Lynn

  12. Admiring your work!
    xoxo Jane


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