Friday, April 2, 2010

Close another week...

As we close another week and the year moves on we are surprised by how quickly dates are happening. Good Friday and Easter are here this weekend. If you celebrate these I do hope you enjoy and spend time with family and friends. Do you color eggs and have the traditional egg hunt? I remember our family always did these things when I was growing up. My mother would boil and prepare one dozen eggs for each of us girls and an extra dozen just for breakfast. We would all gather around the huge dining room table and be extremely creative with coloring and decorating our eggs. As I remember back I can see a huge mess everywhere but we had so much fun. We used Crayons for resist on the egg shells before we "splashed" them into the dye. We each had our own styles and of course Mom's were always the prettiest. Our traditional egg hunts were always outside in the yard and we found all of them, including our baskets the Easter Bunny had left for us. It was a magical time and I still believe in these traditions. Clever Mom replaced the cheesy basket when I became a young teenager with the most beautiful green hatbox purse that the Easter Bunny filled to overflowing with grass and chocolates and goodies. I do not have that purse but I shall forever be so happy that I got it instead of the baskets like my younger sisters got.
I did carry on the traditions while my daughter and then my granddaughters were young. Then my daughter picked up the traditions and still to this day fixes our traditional breakfast for the whole family that lives close enough to get together. Have you ever had "Eggs-a-la-Goldenrod"? Yummy and I miss them. My DH does not like them and won't eat any hard boiled or deviled eggs so I never fix them after the one time and he wouldn't eat.
We have no little ones around us and we no longer color eggs or prepare a big yummy Easter breakfast but I still love it when the Easter Bunny leaves a big beautiful basket for DH. Somehow I do not get one any longer.

As for being creative, this photo of my newest necklace is Hearts a Fire. I wanted to combine beautiful lace with gemstone beads, mother of pearl beads and Swarovski Crystals. I am pleased with the way it turned out. I have some other pieces I am designing for Adorn Me! and they will be debuting in the near future.
I do need to FOCUS as I am getting into a lot of other creative venues that I love too. However all of them are for fun and to give to others. I must remember my goal this year of building my jewelry business and my etsy shop and actually make some sales. FOCUS Saucy Chick Sherry.

May you each have a peaceful and relaxing weekend no matter what you are doing.


  1. Beautiful my friend ....How talented you are
    Happy Easter to you and yours...
    xoxo~Kathy @ SWeet Up-North Mornings./..

  2. that is sew pretty! love the trio of hearts!

    ciao bella

  3. That necklace is VERY creative.

  4. What an adorable necklace! No more egg children have taken up that task. And even they are doing it less and less as their children are now grown. Time marches on!
    Happy Easter, my friend..


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