Sunday, April 11, 2010

Winter is here...

Yes it is April and this is how lovely it looks while it is snowing. Winter is definitely here. Oh we did have Spring a couple of weeks back but it didn't last. This is how every year fools us.
The newbies all have spent their money on flowers and plants and put them in the ground. Silly newbies! It always snows in April and May too. The snow is so quiet and ethereal. It will be interesting to wake up tomorrow and see how much snow we will have then. This is just beginning to snow when I took these photos.
Happy Winter...again.
We usually go from Winter right into Summer because Spring is just so short lived and only lasts just a few days here and there. Now that I know how this weather works I feel much better about experiencing seasons. When I lived in Southern California I never had seasons and loved the weather all year long. Oh how I miss the sunshine and consistency of beautiful weather all year. I do not seem to need seasons and I never like the cold.
But it is beautiful here and the air is clean and refreshing and the pine trees are amazing and...
I do like it here very much!


  1. It certainly is beautiful! We had some snowflakes on Friday, but now I am hoping spring is here...K

  2. Beautiful setting! I enjoy the seasons but spring is often brown for too long and then that quick skip from spring greens to full summer. And you are right, Mother Nature can't be made a fool of by premature plantings.

  3. your snow is beautiful......but here's hoping that it melts soon and stays away until next winter!!! :))

  4. Gosh, how I love the snow! I'm a bit sad now that I have to wait months before it comes again. Pretty photos! xo Paulette


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