Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. Wonderful...

A very Happy Birthday to my Wonderful husband. Today is his birthday.
We are do-overs and since we have only been together since our forties we got a rather late start. We couldn't be more opposite - in everything and everyway. Somehow it not only works it actually enhances the togetherness of us. We seem to balance one another.

So today is all about food which he loves dearly. Yesterday in the cold rainy weather it was so nice to turn on the oven and bake this chocolate cake from scratch. Thank you to Ina Garten for her fabulous recipe. This cake is so moist and delicious. But wait...

It is all about the chocolate butter cream frosting from scratch that makes this cake To-Die-For! It is also Ina's recipe. When it came time to turn on the Kitchen Aid mixer and make this DH just had to help. He cut up and melted the chocolate which I was certain we wouldn't have enough because of his sampling so much. He mixed all the ingredients and did some more sampling. Butter is definitely his favorite yellow food. He has been known to put a dollop of butter right on top of his Oreo's that he is eating. Yes he has! I, of course, am a neat freak and about fainted to see the mess he was making but had to remind myself this is his birthday and this is his cake and let him have fun and that I, the maid, could actually clean up this mess and all would be fine. DH thinks you aren't a good cook unless you make a huge mess all over the entire kitchen. LOL He then spread the frosting on his cake and TA DA!
Happy Birthday Honey. Job well done.
P.S. We did eat a piece each after dinner last evening while it was snowing and OMG this cake is the best I/we have ever made.
Birthdays should be a joyous occasion so in the spirit we will be eating our way through the day as food is what makes him happiest.
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday dear DH...
Happy Birthday to you!


  1. A Hubby is guy worth having around, even if they make messes! So opposites are good and make life way more interesting. Let's hear it for butter! YAY!!!

  2. When cake like that is around, DIET becomes a dirty word! OMG that looks so good. Lucky DH to have you!

  3. That cake is adorable! Do enjoy the birthday!! Have a merry happy day. Saskia xo

  4. It's so refreshing to read about genuinely happy couples!! Please pass good wishes on to your wonderful husband from me, and enjoy all that good food!! The cake looks delicous -- the Barefoot Contessa never skimps on the butter!!! Have a great day. I love how you describe your relationship of opposites!!!

  5. Happy Birthday, DH! Happy Cake! Well, just happy everything today!

  6. What a great post! Happy bd to your DH!

    Now I want cake.


  7. Happy Birthday to your Hubby! That cake looks delicious!! YUM~

  8. I wish I could just reach in a grab a hunk of that yummy goodness! Happy Birthday DH! xo Paulette


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