Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April = Letter Writing Month...

April is Letter Writing month. For those of us who still get excited over snail mail this is a perfect opportunity to send and get mail. I know how frustrating and expensive mailing something can be at the post office. I have been constantly disappointed by postage rules I have never heard of. However, none of this will stop me from sending mail. So in the handmade theme of my life I have made some cards to send.
Very simply I took 3 pages of coordinating 12" x 12" scrapbook papers, 9 pre-folded cards with envelopes, glue stick, pencil, ruler, tape and my favorite heart punches. I lined the envelope flaps with printed paper, punched hearts to embellish the front of the envelopes and kept them very flat and smooth so the postal company "machines" can do their jobs without my having to pay the additional 20 cents for "handling". I am being optimistic on this as I have not mailed these yet. I may still get stung.
For the cards I merely cut and taped and glued papers to the fronts along with fun hearts and then embellished some of them with my Sharpie markers. Once again I am going with the flatest dimension possible. I am also trying to keep the overall weight very minimal. It should not cost me USA 44 cents plus 17 cents plus 20 cents to mail one simple card! That is 81 cents and what are they thinking? For my local recipients I can afford to drive it and hand deliver it myself...except that would spoil the fun of looking in the mailbox. :o)
On the back of each card I stamp my favorite little stamp I have owned for decades:
"When you care enough...you make it yourself!"
Happy letter writing this month and always.
Can't you just see fine ladies in their beautiful dresses sitting at their fancy writing desks actually writing letters and sending them across the country when it took weeks to deliver. Can you imagine using a quill and ink bottle? I am afraid I would spill the ink and make a huge mess.
To this day I still love a scripted letter from the days of yore. I appreciate those who do calligraphy as it is so beautiful and follows in the old traditions.
Hmmm...are you going to make some cards? Write some letters? Send some mail? I am.


  1. Good gracious alive..These cards are absolutely stunning! Makes me want to start writing again! Sad but true, the email-mailman gets most of my business of late. But Truly..you outdid yourself on these lovely cards. Beautifully done!

    Blessings, Love and Tuesday Sunshine, Terri

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous cards and envelopes...in some of my very favorite colors! You outdid yourself! Your lucky recipients will be smiling for sure. ~Kathy

  3. I love your cards! They are truly gorgeous. Anyone would be proud to receive one. Thanks so much for visiting my blog, I'm following you now. Hope you have an amazing week!


  4. your cards are fabulous! i love the purple and green color combination.....and i'm sure that everyone who receives one will too!!! :))

  5. Hi Sherry ~ Blog Pal for Lindsay's National Letter Writing Champaign

    I received the nice creative card from you today! Thank you. Fun seeing my name on the front of the card.

    I mailed a card to you from San Francisco this morning. Hopefully you will receive it tomorrow.

    I am enjoying making other cards and creative fun things for you.

    I am in Grass Valley for a few days and then in Georgia visiting my "Sissy" next week.

    Check out my blog. Good place to learn more about me. I have really had fun looking at all of you great blog posts from the beginning!

    So...watch your post office box for more goodies from me.

    Happy days of creativity.

    The sun is out and the sky is so blue. So yummy!

    ~~~Cory Dogwood

  6. I am so......glad that people are still making beautiful cards for letter writing. With all this "texting" going on I hope the old fashioned communication IS NOT going to disappear.



  7. Soooo pretty!
    The colors are so rich!
    I love a hand written letter too!
    It seems to be becoming a lost art...
    Like Christmas cards too!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  8. Your favorite stamp really does say it all. The journey really is great when I slow to see and smell. I enjoyed your imagry of the lady scripting her letters. mmm, mmm! Do I see the slight swish of lace and smell lavender?

  9. I am LOVING those colors!!! What a gorgeous project. I want to paint my craft room spring green and purple now!

  10. oh so very lovely!
    am I on your writing list?

    the art of letter writing is so beautiful...there is nothing that beats handwritten!

    your cards are just itching to be sent out into the world! I can feel the vibrant vibe! lol

    ciao bella
    happy scripting

    creative carmelina


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