Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Making more cards to mail...

In my quest to honor April and Letter Writing Month I am mailing a lot of cards to a lot of people. So to keep the post office and my wallet a little happy I am trying to make my cards flatter and lighter yet still have interest and dimension. This batch of four should qualify. I have used vintage french floral wrapping paper. The feel of this paper is exquisite. To give dimension I am using some of my packing tape transfers as accents on the cards. I hope the recipients enjoy receiving these.
Then I was gathering the recycling the other day and there was a wonderful cosmetic box but it had writing and logo printed all over it which looked very tacky. So, I cut the box apart and glued some vintage gardening pages to each side. Then I shaped and punched a hole and stamped on the backside of the tag/bookmark. A little piece of ribbon and it is looking much better.

I like to think of these as finished now. I applied a packing tape transfer to the front side and did some more stamping with a subtle gold and silver floral motif. I think these will make a very fine bookmark or placeholder for someone. This was very easy and fun and saved our landfill. I have already prepared more of these for embellishing and gifting.
It only takes time and thought and not a lot of money if you use what you have to create something useful.
Enjoy your middle of the week and Happy creating...


  1. I love your beautiful cards and these lovely tags. I think your profile picture is so cute !!
    I really loved your blog and will enjoy following you very much.
    Happy Creating, Hugs,Laura. xoxx
    Have a nice day. : )

  2. I love these. I love the simplicity of them.

  3. What a Fabulous idea! These are truly beautiful! Have sincerely enjoyed your recents visits to my place, and so glad I popped over this morning. Have to confess..this newest canvas has me on my feet bright and early each day. Don't ya just love it when something new and exciting tugs at your shirt-tail? Only another creative-soul can truly relate to the lift our souls receive when creating.

    Blessings, Joy and Thursday Sunshine, Terri

  4. I LOVE the floral fact I think I have some of the same paper I have been saving for a very long time...was it from a book with vintage gift wrap? It looks just as luscious

  5. i love those tags and the way you've glued on the images to fit. perfect for bookmarks too :)

  6. I love these! So pretty and who wouldn't love to get one of these!!!

  7. Your cards are beautiful! And the tags are super, I love the vintage look!
    Thanks for all your sweet comments!


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