Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rust Motherload...

I couldn't help myself!
This is the rust motherload!
I was at a rental yard for about an hour and I finally couldn't contain myself any longer.
I had to pick up these pieces of rusty metal.
Nuts, bolts, washers, nails, screws, wire, plates and a huge hinge. All completely covered in rust. Very disgusting and dirty...unless...
You fancy yourself to be a mixed media artist.
You just know you can use these pieces in your artwork some day. :o)
I love ephemera.
Honey may I have the key to the car? I must justify to Mr. Createology why I absolutely have to have this wonderful handful of junk. Not an easy task to say the least!
So I merely put them in the trunk carefully inside a box so as not to mess up anything.
Luckily I had a moist clean wipe for my incredibly rusty hands.
With a smile on my face I put on my blinders and did not look at the ground or pick up another piece of anything.
Now I await inspiration to strike.
Wait, I know where you are going right now...
P.S. Park outside as you don't want to get these in your tires.


  1. These kind of things make me smile really big!

  2. WOW, next time my farmer is off for parts I think I need to go with him. Happy Creating! 8^)

  3. What a great haul! And a funny story...sneaking rusty "junk" into the car. ~ Angela

  4. Awesome! I sneak in STUFF on a regular basis!! Thanks for all your kind comments!


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