Saturday, April 10, 2010

More cards...

I would like to acknowledge Fiskars and thank them for great customer service. I began to make some cards and discovered my Seagull corner punch was broken. Somehow the metal parts had broken and fell out in pieces which meant I could not use the corner punch for making my cards. Before I threw it in the trash I took a couple of pictures and thought I would email Fiskars to let them know. I got an email response right away and they said they would send me a new one in a few days. Well today I did get my new punch and it works and I am very happy. Just when I was thinking customer service is a lost art Fiskars comes through with excellent customer service. Thank you very much Fiskars.
As for receiving cards I have done that this week. My Blog Pal Cory sent me this very creative card she made using recycled cards. It is multi layered and has lots of interest to it. She tied on a tea bag for a relaxing cup of tea. On the envelope she hand drew some little flowers to mimic the tree in the picture. Well done Cory. I like it very much thank you.

My other card I received from my Blog Pal is this one with a silk flower on the recycled cards she uses. I truly love the flower and it will be finding a new spot off of this card onto another project very soon. Cory included a package of Cosmos seeds and I shall be so happy to plant these as I love the flowers with their wonderful shades of pinks. On this envelope she drew some little cosmos flowers in the corner to carry out the theme. Very clever.
I have been busy writing and sending my April cards and goodies so it has been very busy on the desk top here in the studio. I must say I even had fun at the post office trying to mail my cards. Two envelopes were 1/8" too short so I had to bring them home and re-package them. Of course they still cost 64 cents each but 1/8"...come on! Some of my cards had "bumps" in them so that was an extra fee on top of the extra fees. I told the clerk I was trying to make them as flat and light weight as possible. A couple of the burly guys standing in line behind me suggested I take the envelopes outside and they could drive over them a few times with their big diesel truck! A good laugh was had by all except the clerk. Every single item I was trying to mail had some issue and excess expense and by now the guys in line are teasing me about maybe I used the wrong color of ink...purple. I was able to mail all except the two shorties that lacked 1/8" each envelope. Of course my wallet is now empty. Fortunately for me I had a mission of mailing some fun cards to some people I have never met and hopefully they will get a good laugh out of them.
Are you sending any snail mail this month of April?
I still have a long list of addresses I will be sending to so I better get very busy.


  1. These are lovely cards and I love cosmos too. It;s a favorite! It is also good to know Fiskers stands behind their products.

  2. Good for Fiskars! It's nice to hear about excellent customer service!
    Comos are one of my favorite delicate!

  3. Good for YOU! When something isn't working right, I tend to just take my losses and throw it out....

    but I like what you did, and although it takes just that little bit of effort, it really did pay off!

    hope you have a great weekend and I'm so happy you took the time to come by!

    ciao bella

  4. I am behind in just about everything this month but I'm sure tempted to try some of these mail ideas. Great Job you are all doing.

  5. Good morning Madame! Thank you for coming by to say hello and visit my blog. I so love what you are doing here...I have recently been making gift tags and drawing my own images and I am having so much fun! After spending 17 years in school and not having any free time to create, I finally defended my Master's thesis this year with success, so now I can create and be frivolous with my spare time!!! LOVE YOUR WORK and do come back and enjoy a cup of tea.....Anita

  6. Good for Fiskars! They've actually been voted as the best on the market. My Marvey tag punch broke. In fact, even my replacement that i purchased broke. When I wrote to the Marvey people, they didn't even respond. So good for Fiskars! They are wonderful products. Joann's and Michael's are having sales this week BTW!!!


  7. Oh, what a fun blog! Thanks.

    And, thank you for the card with surprise inside. I love the dogwood pin.

    Have a great week. Dogwood

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog!!! Have a good week and maybe your winter is about over too! XO


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