Thursday, April 15, 2010

Snail Mail Fun...

April is National Letter and Card writing month and I am part of a great group of people who are swapping snail mail . I did seven of these cards and envelopes last evening. I have been at the local post office every day to confirm my mailings. My envelopes have been too small by as little as 1/8" and too bumpy which I admit the buttons were but flat ribbon? So some serious excess postage fees for me and my mailings but hey...I am committed and must send what I made for my swaps.
This photo also shows a page of postage stamps I purchased that are very artistic and oversized. They are the standard 44 cent and titled Abstract Expressionists. I think they are perfect for creative handmade and fun snail mail.
Now for the fun of what I have received...
Very sweet handmade card from New York.

Handmade and this photo does not do justice to the lovely squares of handmade paper.

An adorable pocket card with a very sweet tag. The colors are bright and cheery.

A fabric postcard that was hand screened and hand made.

And I love this card that shows a row of houses and a VW bug in San Francisco.
Funny thing about all my mail I have received is that where it is coming from the postage rates are very reasonable and obviously not worried about "bumps" like buttons or envelopes that are under-sized. Go figure! Maybe I should drive (yes the gas would be cheaper than the postage) to another post office to use regular postage that more than makes sense.
All in all this has been a lot of fun to receive surprise mail.
Well I must get back to my addressing and sending. I am only about 2/3 way through the list. I will admit I have been spending an outrageous amount of time with all of this mailing but I like to think of the ladies of previous days and the wonderful way they hand wrote letters in beautiful script and I think of life in simpler times. :o)


  1. These are all very special. Great job!

  2. This sounds like so much fun! Today we eagerly await emails but, truthfully, isn't it more fun to find something in the mailbox!!
    Like Christmas morning!

    Silly me...I'm expecting an order from Ebay of some blank chipboard and I can't wait to get it! Like a present!


  3. I agree..there is something so very different and precious about receiving a handwritten and decorated card in the mail! It's nostalgic, and charming in it's own way!

    Sounds like you're having fun, and that's never a bad thing in my books! Keep it up!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  4. you've received some wonderful cards in your swap.....and i KNOW that everyone who receives one from you will treasure it, too!!! have fun! :))

  5. These are beautiful cards! What fun to send and receive snail mail :) There really is something wonderful about receiving something personal in the mailbox! :)

  6. Hi Sweetie! What treasures you've sent...and received! It's so fun to get goodies in the mail! Have a great weekend! xo Paulette

  7. Beautiful cards. I love real mail! I did not know April was Nation Letter and Card Writing Month...I better get crackin'

    504 Main


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