Monday, April 19, 2010

Thank you blogland...

Thank you to each of you who took the time to make such wonderful and comforting comments on my post of yesterday. This is what I know about blogland...there are not only extremely creative souls...there are extremely caring souls and I feel so fortunate to be able to be part of such a warm community.

This blue fabric sewn envelope is one of the items I made and gave to my Sister (Marie) yesterday. Notice how the button reflects the pattern in the fabric. It is the little details that I so enjoy about creating something. Blue is not only my favorite color but also Marie's favorite. I had included a pair of artisan made wire wrapped dragonfly earrings. I missed keeping a photo of them but they looked perfect on Marie.

Here is a pair of very plain pink feminine slippers that I embellished and gave to Marie for her birthday. I love how they turned out.
This is the box with the slippers in it wrapped and ready to give. I was carrying it around when we met at The Fountains for our day together (5 women) of lunch, laughter and shopping. We were in Chicos clothing store and one of the sales ladies was so enamored with the box she practically scared me. Wanted to know if I had gotten it at Anthropolgy across the way. My friend told her I created it. The woman was agast. May I just say the entire time I carried this box around women were commenting on it and so amazed at how clever it was. Thank you I humbly say. I am merely following in my mother and grandmother's footsteps as this is how we always did things. "Think outside the box" was common place for our family of creative people. My mother was Martha Stewart without the fame and fortune!
I took a thrift store uncut pattern and wrapped the slippers in the tissue. Then I wrapped the box in the pattern instructions. Cut the pattern package and put it on the ends of the box. Used a tape measure for the ribbon and glued some colorful buttons to the top. Even Mr. Createology said how clever the package looked. That was a compliment I cherish!
All in all the weather was perfect, the company was perfect and we had a wonderful and very relaxing day. The Fountains was bustling with people, the roses were blooming and very fragrant, all the flowers were happy and proudly showing their stuff, young entertainers were putting on little shows at the stage...ballerinas, glowing pumpkins, fairys wearing butterfly wings. I was in heaven with all the wonderment of a little girl enjoying every moment. Yes, I did think of Uncle Bud and smile thinking of how he owned a small train that gave rides to children of all ages just like the one at The Fountains. It was a glorious day.


  1. Bless you! Not only are you creative but INSPIRING!

  2. Very clever and I love it..Gives all of us great ideas.. Thanks,

  3. What thoughful gifts and the gift wrap you created made it all the more special!

  4. Such beautiful gifts, and that wrapping is just so cute! xo Paulette

  5. so clever is right. Love the packaging and the embellishments for the slippers. Would be nice to be able to change them out based on your mood.


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