Tuesday, April 20, 2010


I have discovered a new color in Swarovski crystals. Olivine. In gem quality olivine is known as peridot. The birthstone of August. I stitched this tennis bracelet with olivine Swarovski bicone crystals and I think it is stunning. Pictures do not do justice to this beautiful bracelet.
If you like, you might check out my etsy shop for more photos and availability.
As you can see, I am getting back to my focus of making jewelry and filling my online shop. I have not forgotten my goals and realize this year is moving along very quickly. So now I am off to the studio for more inspiration and jewelry making. I am so blessed to have the time to be able to do what makes me happy.
Happy creating...


  1. Lovely bracelet and clever styling!

  2. Gorgeous bracelet! I love the August birthstone.

  3. So, so beautiful. Great photo. Glad you are following you passion of jewlery making.

  4. Your bracelet is stunning! I can only imagine how it must sparkle in the sunshine! What a beautiful color also! Happy creating!
    xo Paulette


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